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AST Get-A-Grip Harness Demo Video

The Get A Grip Harness from Animal Suspension Technologies is an excellent product for those who need to provide extra support for large breed, heavy, or ailing three legged amputee dogs. Read our product review for complete details and watch this demonstration video featuring Wyatt to see the Get A Grip in use for a rear leg amputee dog.

Read full Get A Grip harness review here.

Options and Pricing

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AST Get A Grip Harness (Full Product Details)

$125.00$181.00Select & Buy

Custom Pet Support Suit Harness by AST (Full Product Details)

$198.00$218.00Select & Buy

The Tripawds Gear Shop has a selection of helpful support harnesses and other products recommended for making the most of life for three legged dogs. Please search the discussion forums for user testimonials, or submit your own here.

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24 thoughts on “AST Get-A-Grip Harness Demo Video”

  1. This would be great for my rear leg amputee who is a large dog, but can a long leash be used to give the dog more freedom and space? This looks good for lifting, but I don’t walk my dog this close to me.

    • Thanks for asking Joanne. The Get A Grip is really designed as much more of a support harness than a walking harness. You could theoretically attach a leach to one of the handle/loop rings, but there is no centered ring like you’ll find on the Web Master harness. Or just attach the leash to your dog’s collar as usual when walking about and use the harness for support as needed.

      Hope this answers your question! Consider posting in the forums for advice from other users.

  2. I am looking for a way to support my dachshund as she moves up stairs, in and out of the car, without having to bend over. Do the straps extend far enough to go from my hand to near the ground?

    • Donna, the optional Shoulder Straps would allow you to use the Get A Grip harness without bending over. Please be sure to measure your Dachshund carefully. The AST Custom Pet Support Suit may be a much better option for such smaller dogs with a long body.

  3. It looks like the product would hit right at the surgical area for a front leg amputee and be painful but that’s not the case? And it won’t shift around w/o the second shoulder to fill it out?

    • Hi Kelly, correct, the harness would touch the incision area but there are no straps to cut into it, it’s a comfortable fit even for a front-leg amputee. We had no problems with it shifting on our front-leg Tripawd Jerry. If you have more questions please feel free to contact us via email. Thanks so much!

  4. My friends German Shepard cannot use his back legs. I’m interested in seeing how the shoulder strap actually looks with the harness, where it attaches, etc. She is quite petite, and I’m just wondering if the harness w/shoulder strap might be a solution for getting her dog out to go to the bathroom. I didn’t see any pix of the strap.

    Thank you.

  5. Does anyone have experience with the AST custome made for greyhounds? My dog, Abe, is getting weaker now that he’s 8 years old. Lost his leg at age 2 1/2 – unattended racing injury. Can I get a harness to custom fit a greyhound?
    – Thanks

  6. Hi, I have an 11.5 year old retired Military Working Dog. He has neurological spinal damage and has a permanent low profile Urinary port. Because of his spinal damage and myelopathy, he needs support for his rear legs. He cannot have a long harness because the port is placed above his penis, towards the rear leg fold. This seems to be right where the harnesses support the dog. Do you have any suggestions for us as to which harness would be best for him? He is 90 pounds. THANKS!

  7. Hi
    I have an Irish Wolfhound who is 80 kilos about 180 pounds. He isb110 around his girth. I really need a harness to assist lifting him is there anything big enough for him

  8. Great! I just ordered a medium for Oreo. She’s between sizes; 28″ girth, 14″ length. I got the shoulder strap so I don’t end up in a wheelchair trying to help her walk, lol. I’ll post a product review when we start using it.


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