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The Dual Purpose Dog Life Preserver and Pet Recovery Collar

Stretching our dollars is more important than ever these days. Pet products like the Hedz Up dual purpose dog life preserver and pet recovery collar is one way you can do it.

Tripawd swimming safety
This Tripawd swims safer now. Want to test one? Keep reading!

The Hedz Up Watercollar, a dog life preserver, is great tool for dogs who love to swim. If you aren’t sure that your new three-legged dog can swim (hint: most can), and you’re not ready to invest in a Tripawd-tested dog life jacket, the Hedz Up watercollar is an affordable tool to keep your Tripawd safe in the water.

What Does this Dog Life Preserver and Pet Recovery Collar Do?

The buoyancy of the Hedz Up Watercollar helps keep your pet’s ears, nose, and head above water. Just attach it to their normal collar with the hook and loop fastener. Your dog instantly has more confidence and less fear. 

Hedz Up Watercollars are made of 100% cotton fabric. They are completely machine washable in cold water.

What’s even cooler about this dog flotation device is that many pet parents are also using it as a cone of shame alternative for the Houdini cat or dog going through surgery recovery. 

cat cone alternative
Cats can wear this cone alternative, too!

Your Tripawd Dog is Needed for Testing

Does your Tripawd like swimming? Or is your amputee hero getting hydrotherapy? We are looking for three-legged dogs to test this dog life preserver and pet recovery collar in the water.

  • Contact us for free Hedz Up watercollar
  • Write a review
  • Take photos and video too
  • Keep the collar and have fun!

The products in our Tripawds Gear Shop are all tested by members of the community or yours truly. We are between spokesdogs, and we want to know what Tripawds parents think of this dog life jacket alternative. Tell us if we should carry the Hedz Up Watercollar. Contact us for more details.



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