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Why We Love the Big Barker Dog Bed for Large Tripawds

Did you know that a soft bed isn’t the best idea for a Tripawd dog? A firm mattress is best for a dog who needs sure-footing on all surfaces, even their bedding. Many Tripawds members give great feedback on the Big Barker Dog Bed, especially for their giant breed three legged dogs.

Hear what members have to say and see the Beds page to read why big fluffy pillow beds are not the best for recovering amputee dogs.

Big Barker Dog Bed

Big Barker Has Big Comfort for Large Tripawd Dogs

Sally (aka benny55) fell in love with the Big Barker for her Bull Mastiff Angel, Happy Hannah. She told us in the “Is this a Good Dog Bed?” forum topic that

“The Big Barker Bed is an “investment” to say the least. I got one for my Happy Hannah rear leg tripawd, 125 lb Bull Mastiff. I’ve had it over three years now and it has not shifted, sagged or become misshapen in any way. It’s basically the Tempurpedic of dog beds.”


Big Barker Dog Bed

Tripawds member otisandtess reported that she started using one long before her Angel Otis lost his leg;

“We also love the Big Barker beds – we had 3, the first one purchased when Otis was diagnosed with arthritis in his hips.”

Big Barker Dog Bed

And in another discussion about the best dog beds for Tripawds, bjillkgolden said:

“I definitely recommend the Big Barker Bed!  Eddy LOVED it!  It was large and like a temperpedic bed.  He was always laying on it!  It has now been passed down to our new Golden, and she loves it as well!”

Big Barker Dog Bed

Big Barker Beds for All Size Dogs

Big Barker Dog BedThe Big Barker Amazon Store does include comfortable orthopedic beds for dogs of all sizes. You will also find deals on accessories like their waterproof liner for Big Barker beds, which are helpful for recovering pups or those with incontinence issues.

Big Barker also makes a plush dog blanket.

Big Barker Dog Bed

The Big Blankie – Soft Plush Reversible Dog Blanket by Big Barker provides warmth and comfort while keeping dog hair off your bed or furniture. It saves you from washing your bed cover, and gives your dog the security of a snuggling feeling

All Big Barker products are made in the USA.

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6 thoughts on “Why We Love the Big Barker Dog Bed for Large Tripawds”

  1. Really glad to see THE BIG BARKER BED highlighted here.

    As noted, my 125 lb Bull Mastiff Happy Hannah LOVED this bed! It really does give excellent joint support and is not “squishy” to the point that a dog (especially a tripawd dog) would slip trying to stand.

    It’s now going on almost five years since I purchased Happy Hannah’s BIG BARKER BED. I can tell you without hesitation it has not lost ANY support whatsoever!! It has kept it’s original shape and density without any shifting, or dips in the “mattress” at all. I would have spent the cost of this bed many times over during the last five years by replacing beds that didn’t hold up at all.

    My Tripawd Frankie (70lb Coonhound) and Merry Myrtle (123 lb Bull Mastiff) share the same bed. And Frankie is a “nester” and digs, and digs and digs, but the bed seems ro be literally inestructible! The cover is very, very sturdy.

    Didn’t mean to ramble. It IS an investment, but I do feel like it is money very well spent. As you can see though, I’m very passionate about this bed!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • Wow Sally that is such a pawesome testominial to the value of the Big Barker, thank you so much. We are thrilled it’s worked out so well for your pack!


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