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It’s Sew Easy to Help a Tripawd’s Amputation Pain Go Away

Today’s Tripawds are living in a world where current veterinary pain management guidelines are greatly minimizing post-amputation and arthritis pain in dogs and cats. But even with pain medication, some Tripawds will still experience discomfort. If your Tripawd is experiencing this, a Farabloc EMF shield blanket can get your dog (or cat) feeling better, faster.

A Tripawd’s Amputation Pain Can Go Away in Minutes

Tripawd's amputation pain
Add Farabloc to your Tripawd’s gear for faster pain relief.

Farabloc is a non-pharmaceutical phantom limb pain therapy. It alleviates pain in animals and humans by shielding the body from man-made and environmental electromagnetic fields (EMF). Here’s how it works:

  • Farabloc is made with ultra-thin stainless steel and nylon thread
  • These fibers shield the body from high frequency electromagnetic fields
  • Without EMFs penetrating sensitive, achy muscles and joints, a dog, cat or human can enjoy less pain and faster surgery recovery

Similar to the Faraday cage shielding technology, Farabloc fabric can alleviate pain by reducing the high EMF’s ordinarily absorbed by tissue. When you fold it into layers and apply it to the affected area, Farabloc is even more effective. But don’t just set a Farabloc blanket on top of your Tripawd’s bed and forget about it. Try incorporating it into your Tripawd’s gear.

Order your Farabloc Pain Relief Blanket here

We added Farabloc amputation pain relief to his gear.

Tripawds, amputation, pain, relief, phantom
Wyatt doesn’t know it, but his jacket has healing power!

First, we took Wyatt’s Climate Changer Dog Jacket and measured carefully to know what size of Farabloc blanket to order. The 12″ x 30″ Farabloc blanket makes it easy to add to most dog jackets.

Tripawd's pain relief
Wyatt’s jacket before we added pain relief.

Then we carefully folded his 12″ x 30″ Farabloc blanket to neatly fit inside the body of his jacket.

Tripawds, pain, phantom, relief, Farabloc
This kind of pain relief helps arthritic dogs too.

You can sew it inside. But if you’re not crafty, just attach the Farabloc to the inside with hook and loop fasteners. Remove the Farabloc before hand-washing the gear.

Tripawd's pain relief
Not crafty? Apply adhesive-backed hook-and-loop velcro.

Order your Farabloc Pain Relief Blanket here

Add it to the inside of a Get-a-Grip Harness or Custom Pet Support Suit and you’ve got a dog support harness with healing powers!

Tripawd's pain relief
Wyatt’s Custom Pet Support Suit is deal for an interior Farabloc.

The rectangular shape of this support harness makes it easy to incorporate a Farabloc inside.

Tripawd's pain relief
Wyatt’s Custom Pet Support Suit has phantom pain relief inside.

By taking this extra step, you’re giving your Tripawd a chance at faster pain relief and decreased surgical site swelling. Tripawd dogs and cats well beyond recovery can also feel better during cold, dark winters when this blanket is inside their gear.

Tripawd's, pain, EMF shield, harness
Wyatt snoozes after surgery.

About Farabloc Pain Relief for Tripawds

We’ve discussed how Farabloc works many times here in the Tripawds Gear blog. It’s an intriguing holistic tool to help your new amputee feel better after surgery and beyond. People and pets may respond differently to its effectiveness. But when compared to the cost of prescriptions drugs and therapeutic services, a Farabloc blanket can be a cost-effective pain relief remedy for many dogs and cats.

Order your Farabloc Pain Relief Blanket here


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2 thoughts on “It’s Sew Easy to Help a Tripawd’s Amputation Pain Go Away”

  1. I have a Farabloc blanket and would like some ideas on how to use it for Nitro; most of his pain these days is due to arthritits in his right hind leg. Does the blanket need to be directly on his leg to work? Or would sewing it into a shirt or harness work? Thanks for any info.


    • Hey Paula. The closer too the source the more helpful it will be but anything is better than nothing. Have you tried putting it in his dog bed? I would start there to see how much time he actually spends laying on it. Many people report that their animal lays in the spot their Farabloc is on once they put on the dog bed. If you don’t notice a difference, then yeah, velcro it into a shirt and see how that works. Let us know what he prefers OK? We’re always interested.


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