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Make These Affordable DIY No-Slip Tripawd Traction Rugs

It’s never a good time for a cat or dog to lose a leg, but when it happens right after you install hardwood flooring in your home, it’s really bad timing! Fortunately, Scooby’s Dad showed us how to make these affordable “No-Slip DIY Tripawd Traction Rugs.”

DIY Tripawd Traction Rugs Prevent Injuries

Slippery floors are like having an indoor ice rink inside the home. Three-legged dogs and cats have far more confidence when our floors are easy to walk on. Traction boots are great for canine Tripawds in the outdoors, but they’re not a practical solution for inside our homes. After all, how many of us can remember do put shoes on our dogs every single day? And of course, cats won’t put up with shoes on any day, so why make our lives more complicated?

We recommend buying carpet runners for inside the home. And for your existing throw rugs that don’t have no-slip backers for them, try this DIY Tripawd Traction Rug trick that Scooby’s Dad demonstrated.

My solution that a friend recommended is to put beads of caulk on the back.  I used silicone non-paintable caulk from Home Depot. It was $6 and I’ve done three rugs and two beds. It’s much cheaper than mediocre nonslip pads. It dried overnight and it really keeps rugs and beds from sliding.

I don’t recommend using it on really fine rugs like hand knitted wool rugs – that’s the place for a good nonslip pad.

DIY tripawd traction rug

Sure, it’s no fun covering up beautiful hardwood floors. And I’ll bet if we took a survey today, we’d find out that most Tripawds members have a mish-mash of carpet runners and throw rugs in their home. None matching, of course! As a wise member once said . . .

“I suspect most Tripawd homes are not going to make it as Better Homes and Gardens’ feature homes.”

But ask our Tripawds, and all of them will be grateful when we’re more concerned with their safety than having pretty floors.

DIY Tripawd Traction Rugs
Scooby says “Thanks for covering up the floors Dad!”

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4 thoughts on “Make These Affordable DIY No-Slip Tripawd Traction Rugs”

  1. Do you think this would work on a kennel tray (plastic) or only fabric? My dog loves her kennel, I have no door on it, she can come & go but loves to sleep in it. But it’s too slippery for her back paws. Thx!

  2. Good and useful tip! Will apply this idea in my kitchen to help Riley. He likes to be wherever everypawdy else is! Thanks!
    (Learning the lingo,)


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