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Web Master is a Front Leg Tripawd Harness Too

When Tripawds Founder Spirit Jerry wore the first Web Master harness by Ruffwear, we knew this device was something special. The harness has improved greatly through the years and today Ruffwear’s Web Master Plus is the best front leg Tripawd harness solution around.

Tripawd, Saint Bernard, dog, three-legged, amputee

Patchy the Front Leg Tripawd Saint Loves His Web Master Harness

Patchy wrote to share how much the harness is helping him live an active life on three:

Tripawd, saint bernard, dog, amputee, three-legged
Mastering the art of one-legged bone chomping.

“Hi it is Summer/Patchy from Tripawds wanting to let you know what a great assistance harness this is for us!

So glad that we purchased the rough guard as it adds so much more support to my big guy!

Patchy is still being pretty stubborn as he wants to do everything on his own but as we use it more I am sure he will come to like the support we can give him when getting in and out of the Jeep, up on the bed etc!

Highly recommend the harness.

The only con about the harness is that Patchy is a big guy and the part that goes around his neck is a little snug. Maybe come up with an XXL for the giant breeds.

All in all though this is a great help!

Tripawd, Saint Bernard, dog, three-legged, amputee
Tripawd Patchy goes camping!

As of now, no canine gear companies make “Tripawd harnesses.” The logistics of creating one for both front and rear-leg dogs of all sizes are too challenging, making a manufactured Tripawd harness financially impractical.

Ruffwear Webmaster Plus Brush Guard

For now, the harnesses we carry in the Tripawds Gear Shop have pros and cons for front or rear leg Tripawd dogs. Overall though, they are the best, most durable and functional ones that we’ve tested. If you can recommend any others we haven’t tried, let us know!

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2 thoughts on “Web Master is a Front Leg Tripawd Harness Too”

  1. I like love it for Otis as well. He is 96 pound post amputation, so more than I could lift. With the brush guard, I feel that I am able to lift him by applying gentle pressure to the handle, and without straps cutting into his body. We wear it for walks – he is perfectly comfortable doing all of his normal doggy stuff, including rolling in the grass. I clip the lead straight to the back of the harness – keeps it away from his legs and allows me to direct him without worrying about unbalancing him. I am also a big fan!

  2. The more we use the harness the more we learn how it is more beneficial for Patchy. Not sure if we were just not thinking it through be we learned yesterday that if we stay on the side where the leg amputation was and support him that way it helps so much more because if he stumbles we are there so that he can use us for a support on the amputation side and he has his other good leg for support as well.

    Thanks for featuring my sweet boy! We are so proud of him.


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