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Big Fluffy Beds Are Not the Best for Tripawds

One helpful tip we like to share with new Tripawds members, is how to pick the best bed for recovering dogs.

Orthopedic Beds Best for Tripawds

Believe it or not, big fluffy pillow beds are not the best dog bed for three legged dogs. We do our best to explain this on the Beds page of this blog. But don’t just take out word for it. Check out the unsolicited testimonial from hannahon3paws in this discussion forum topic


Hanna’s mom explains how she bought two new dog beds, thinking the soft squishy one would be more comfortable.

“I can’t tell if she is having difficulty getting comfortable—I bought her 2 new beds, one was a flat “orthopedic” mattress and the other was a big, squishy bed with a surrounding pillowy thing.  I thought the soft, squishy one would feel better to her, and yesterday, it did.”

She goes on to describe how she found Hannah lying on the hard floor. This is common since many dogs on the mend prefer a cool firm surface

“Today, she was having trouble finding a comfortable spot in the squishy bed and I found her laying on the hard floor by her water bowl.  I put the flat orthopedic bed in the living room and she ran right over to it.

Notice how Hannah prefers the orthopedic dog bed! Recovering dogs often have a difficult time getting comfortable. Discomfort from the surgery, and side effects from pain medication can create restlessness. When trying to get comfortable, big fluffy pillow beds and lots of blankets can trip up new tripawds.

Ruffwear Urban Sprawl
Wyatt loves his Ruffwear Urban Sprawl dog bed.

Of course, every dog is different and some prefer a soft bed. But the filling is what matters most. That’s why Tripawds Spokesdawg Wyatt Ray loves his Ruffwear Urban Sprawl dog bed.


The Urban Sprawl offers the best of both worlds. The two sided design offers a soft side that will stay warmer. And a firm side that stays cool.

Big Barker Giant Breed Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Big Barker Dog Bed is another comfy but firm bed best for large dogs. Check out all our recommended dog beds and leave a comment below about what kind of bed your dog prefers!

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5 thoughts on “Big Fluffy Beds Are Not the Best for Tripawds”

  1. After reading raving reviews for The Big Barker bed on Amazon, I ordered one for my Happy Hannah, a 125 lb. Bull Mastiff. Of course, the fact that they used a Bull Mastiff in one of their ads, may have given them the edge!

    Yes it was an “investment”. However it came with an incredible 10 year warranty! Additionally, I know I’ve spent a fortune over and over on more inexpensive beds that lost their “fluff”, or shifted into clumps, or the dogs chewed up.

    My Happy Hannah had no mobility issues or joint issues during her entire time as a reat legged amputee. I truly believe this bed helped in her healing process.

    I’ve referred to it as the Tempurpedic bed for dogs. For many weeks after her amputation, I slept right beside my Happy Hannah on that Big Barker Bed. I can tell you from first hand experience, it is a very comfortable and supportive bed! And yes, I did hanf off it a bit, but I just added blankets to the floor to compensate for that!

    My Happy Hannah used that bed for over one year and two months and it NEVER sagged or showed any sign of wear and tear!

    It is now being used by Merry Myrtle, a 120 lb. Bull Mastiff, and Frankie, a 65 lb. Tripawd Coon Hound, both at the same time!!

    Wait, there’s more!!

    When I adopted Frankie, I ordered a second Big Barker Bed becauxe, mistakenly, I thought the first one would not comfortably accommodate both…plus give enough room for me to lay on it and snuggle!

    When the seond one arrived, it didn’t quite “expand” as it should based on the one I had previously, as well as their instructions. It was still an incredible bed though. I did, however, contact the company to say it just didn’t seem “quite right”. I was still pleased, but I just wanted to let them know.

    Not only did I get an immediate response, they INSISTED on sending me another bed immediately free, AND, insisted that I keep the other bed!!

    So, to say that I cannot say enough great things about this product AND the company, is an understatement!!

    The original bed is going on almost three years now and STILL has not lost one bit of shape or firmness. And the cover has held up after dozens of washings and is still in excellent condition!

    Best wishes to all on this journey.

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. WOW Sally, that is such an awesome experience, thank you so very much for sharing it with everypawdy. Your home sounds like a great place to chill out for dogs and humans alike with all those Big Barkers laying around!!!

  3. Hey, I’m really curious – do the best dog beds for three-legged dogs provide any special support or comfort for their unique needs?

    • Yes, the best beds for Tripawds should provide better support and comfort since all amputee dogs are prone to developing arthritis due to additional strain on remaining limbs.


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