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Can a Dog Wear a Harness After Amputation?

We often get asked, “Can my dog wear a harness after amputation surgery?

New Tripawd Wyatt wears the Webmaster

The answer to that is, it depends on which harness you buy, and whether your dog is losing a front or rear leg.

The Get-a-Grip and Pet Support Suit Harnesses

If you’re considering the AST Get-a-Grip Harness or Custom Pet Support Suit, these rugged harnesses are made especially for post-surgery dogs. The unique wrap-around design shouldn’t interfere with amputation stitches in the front or rear, but it’s always good to check with your vet first.

This Wyatt wears a Get-a-Grip Harness

The Webmaster and Convert Harnesses

Although we recommend not using the Ruffwear Webmaster Harness or EzyDog Convert Harness until the surgery has completely healed and stitches or staples are removed, some dogs like Wyatt (pictured in the first photo) can wear them over a body stocking.

Tripawd Eva loves her Webmaster harness.

We have heard of no specific cases where any harness has hampered healing, but we believe direct pressure from the straps might irritate the wound. This may not be the case with rear-leg amputees, whose stitches are usually beyond the harness straps. However please consult your veterinarian with any concerns.

Wyatt runs in the EzyDog Tripawd Convert Harness.

If you find the harness irritates your dog’s incision or don’t want to risk it, try using a soft towel slung under the belly if additional post-op mobility support is required. A reusable canvas shopping bag slit down the sides also makes a handy temporary sling.


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5 thoughts on “Can a Dog Wear a Harness After Amputation?”

  1. I have had great luck with my little girl, with the pinkaholic velcro on harnesses. She’s missing a back leg, so it makes step in harnesses difficult to put on. This kind has wide, strong velcro flaps that go under the belly and across the front of her chest, super easy to put on, and super cute, too!

  2. i have a 5 yr old male heeler, somewhat male dog aggressive. he is missing his front right leg at the shoulder. he has been falling alot lately, esp getting out of car. tried 2 nice ramps. he just would not use. any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. thanks for your time! sara passarelli

  3. Hi! I’m confused by all of the available choices of gear for Tripawds. I want to receive an informed and edited opinion/suggestion about what Tripawd gear is right for my situation.

    Here goes: I have a female greyhound, Sally, with a new front leg amputation. I just brought her home today (3.5.17). She is still unstable and is in some post op pain. I need to help her walk in general and support her while she navigates three shallow steps to go out and pee. I also need to lift her in and out of the car for vet appointments.

    Sally is tall and lanky, weighing 65 pounds. I’m a woman over 60. While I’m generally fit, I do have balance problems. It’s very difficult to keep my balance while trying to lift Sally!

    What is your best suggestion for a sling or harness that will help us get through recovery from Sally’s front leg amputation? Thanks!


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