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Free EzyDog Life Vest for Product Review

Here’s your chance to get a free life vest for your tripawd from EzyDog! All you have to do is promise to provide a detailed product review for publication here in the Tripawds Gear blog.

ezydog lifevests for dogs

It is clear that Wyatt won’t be going near the water anytime soon, and we’d like to post a review of the EzyDog DFD life jacket for dogs before the swimming season is over. Tripawds is therefore offering one Large Red EzyDog life vest to someone who promises to use it on their dog and write a detailed, objective product review.

Wyatt wears EzyDog DFD life vest for dogsPlease leave a comment below with all the following information to qualify for your chance to win:

  • Please include your name, your dog’s name, city and state.
  • Your Dog’s Girth and Length. Please see chart below to ensure your dog qualifies.
  • What kind of swimming experience does your dog have?
  • Is your dog a front or rear leg amputee?
  • Where will you swim your dog with the EzyDog life vest?
  • How did you hear about this offer? (i.e.; Blog, RSS Feed, Forums, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

how to measure large dog for eydog life vest

Wyatt will select a winner at his discretion and announce the lucky dawg here the week of September 12. Want to ensure you have a good chance of winning the life vest for your dog? Let us know what you will do to make your review in-depth and unique! Demonstration videos are strongly encouraged. Act now for your chance to win this $52.00 value while there’s still plenty of time to get in lots of fun in the water!

Sharing is Caring!

15 thoughts on “Free EzyDog Life Vest for Product Review”

  1. My Permanant foster Gracie was born without a her front right leg and has a deformity to her rear left leg that makes walking difficult. The rescue group Friends of the City of Cleveland Kennel has been paying for her to do water therapy once or twice a week and has also now ordered her a quad cart. She will continue to recieve water therapy, however a life jacket would allow me to take her to the local Lake for additional swimming to encourage her continued building of core strength Pictures of her in the life jacket would be in our newsletter and a video would likely appear on the website and in a future fundraining promotion for us.
    She has a 34″girth and a 21″ length. The review would include durability, ease of use and apparent comfort on the dog. The video would show the life vest in use as well as highlighting durability of the handle that will get frequent use with her.

  2. Sorry we live in Cleveland, Ohio and Gracie could bring her own vest to physical therapy sessions and also use it to go swimming in Lake Erie and Wallace Lake. We read about this contest on Facebook

  3. My dog Marley and I would love to test this vest, She’s a six year old Yellow Lab who lost her right front leg in a Hit-by-car accident. I adopted her 1 3/4 yrs ago. She is active and a sweet dog who’s made a wonderful addition to our family. She would take a Large.

  4. We live in Whitehall,NY and she would swims in two local lakes ,Lake George and Lake Bomoseen in Vermont. She also has swum in the creek in back of our home.

  5. We have a soon to be 1 year old chocolate lab whose name is Sarge we are from Johnstown, Pa. About 4 months ago Sarge was going for his daily walk and was attacked by a Pittbul who had escaped from its yard, Sarge put his leg over his neck (thank goodness) and the Pittbul grabbed his leg instead of his neck, the attack lasted about 20 minutes, we just couldnt get the Pit to stop so police were called and when they arrived they got the Pit to stop. We took Sarge to a local vet and she said she could do nothing for him so we rushed him out to AVETS in Monroville(about 1 1/2 hours away) right outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. When we talked to the Vet he said his leg was so bad that they wouldnt even be able to repair it so we went with the decision of going ahead of amputating his front right leg.

    Sarge had no swimming experiences because we are afraid that while he would be out swimming that he would get tired and just stop swimming.We took him to the beach last month and we stayed by the sound so there was no waves or anything it was just like a pond, and we took him out to see if he would try and swim, he just kind of plopped around. If we were to get an EzyDog life vest, he would be considered a large 27 girth and 24 1/2 length , and we would take him swimming at a local dam and swim at ease with all of his doggie friends!

  6. If we win there will definitely be a lot of pictures and a video of him swimming and having a good time at the dam sent in to Tripawds facebook and on our own, I also know people whose dogs are afraid of the water and i would suggest the EzyDog life jacket to them, and i would take his picture and a short description of what happened to him and how the life jacket is now helping him swim to local pet grooming shops and ask them to post it in their shops. Also the handle will really help us with getting him in and out of the car and if he would need help while he is in the water.

    We heard about this contest on Tripawds’ Facebook! 🙂

    WOOF!(thank you in doggie) for this awesome opportunity to win a life jacket for our Sargey Boy!

  7. In reviewing my comments I neglected to say that I read your request on FaceBook and Marley’s measurements are 43in. girth and 20 in, length.

  8. We wish we could participate, but Rio would need a medium… Bummer. I’ve been putting off buying her a life jacket because her vet bills have been so stinkin’ high, and we have been pretty strapped for extra cash…

    Rio’s mom

  9. Hi my name is Sidnerella!
    I am new here and also a new TriPawd. So most people would ask why I would need a floatation vest when I probably should be resting.

    Well…I have already shown my docs and family that my all GO attitude hasn’t slowed me down a smidget. I am up walking and socializing all on my own and while I may not be up for chasing balls and digging yet, I would love to get back to the water and my doc agrees.

    Check out my blog to see some of my before photos and video. I’ve spent my life in the water and am a certified water rescue dog. I have scent trail and search experience and though I may not be climbing any rubble piles anytime soon- I know I can still swim, I just need a little help to get back to helping others.

    My favorite training spots are Lake Grapevine and Lake Ray Roberts, Texas. My doc gave me the thumbs up to start swimming on September 10th and as you can see from my page I love to show off when I work.

    I promise to share all the nitty gritty details of my first swim and progress along the way!


  10. Thanks everypawdy! Keep those comments coming. Wyatt will be selecting one lucky dawg for the life vest the week of September 12. 🙂

    Don’t forget to tell us how you heard about this offer.

  11. Hey it’s Sidnerella again!

    I’m still getting used to this 1 front paw (yep I am a front Limb amputee) typing deal, so I forgot a few things in my post. I found out about this vest challenge when I told everyone I like the Tripawds Facebook page. My mom was helping me out…humans are so hard to train.

    We call the great state of Texas home and all my favorite water spots are near Denton, where we live.

    Some of my best friends have pretty techy humans and promise to use some way cool technology to really capture the ins and outs of swimming as an amputee, before and after this awesome vest.

    Thanks to everyone here for making life so much more hopeful!
    Love, Godzilla on 3 legs


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