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Best New Dog Beds for Surgery Recovery Comfort

FetchDog recently announced a bunch of new dog products. Among the many new items are these orthopedic dog beds and couch covers ideal for three legged dogs and Tripawds on the mend.

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Best Dog Beds for Surgery Recovery

These plush yet firm beds are recommended since they will not bunch up, making it easy for recovering dogs to get comfortable without stumbling on unstable bedding.

NOTE: These FetchDog Deals have been discontinued.

Accident Proof Ortho Dog Bed

With its soft, easy-care microfiber cover, this Accident Proof Ortho Dog Bed provides the perfect landing spot for senior dogs and dogs recovering from surgery. With it’s water proof Protector Pad moisture barrier, this bed is well equipped to handle any “accidents” which may occur, or leakage from a healing incision. Filled with 100% recycled high loft polyester, the cover & insert are machine washable

Pillow Top Ortho Dog Bed

This orthopedic bed offers a thick 4″ pad of orthopedic foam below a soft, inviting pillow top. Its welcoming comfort and joint-soothing support will not bunch up, making it easy for recovering pups to get comfortable. Zippered removable cover made of 100% polyester. Pillow top is filled with 100% recycled high loft polyester. Medical grade orthopedic cone & valley foam made with soy compound. Cover is machine washable for easy cleaning and care.

The Dream Dog Bed

This thick, dreamy orthopedic foam dog bed is covered with soft, velvety microsuede and enhanced by a high-performance, water-resistant liner to keep moisture at the surface for easy cleanup and long, odor-free performance. Water-resistant liner with machine washable cover. Made in USA.

Firm Reliever Dog Bed

Support your recovering dog’s needs for a good night’s rest with the firm comfort of this elegant sleeper. With a removable fiber-filled cushion covered in plush, fur-fighting ribbed microsuede, the Firm Reliever Dog Bed protects tired joints for restful, rejuvenating sleep. Cover made of ribbed microsuede with eco-friendly fiber Sustainafill. Cover & insert are machine washable for easy cleaning and care. Handcrafted in the USA.

Smart Temp Dog Crate Pad

Since recovering dogs will often seek out a cool spot for comfort on healing surgical wounds, temperature moderation is key to a well-rested dog. The Smart Temp Crate Pad uses the unique thermal performance of Outlast Fabric, in combination with your dog’s body temperature, to cool her when it’s hot and warm her when it’s cool. This 2” thick pad is the perfect fit for our most crates, and makes an ideal travel portable bed. Made of luxury micro-suede, lined with special Outlast Fabric so your pet is never too hot nor too cold. Non-skid bottom, machine wash dry.

Protect Furniture from Dog Stains After Surgery

It is common for dogs to have some drainage for the incision site after surgery. These waterproof couch covers and throw blankets are ideal for protecting furniture from stains, and perfect for covering car seats during those follow-up visits to the vet.

Leak Proof Couch Dog Pad

Protect furniture from post-op seroma fluid seepage with the Leak Proof Couch Dog Pad. Don’t worry about leaks or soiling. This absorbent pad offers the highest level of protection. It provides the perfect spot for your pet on any couch or chair. Cover made of 100% polyester, with 100% recycled high loft polyester fill. Waterproof PVC layer blocks moisture, while slip-resistant backing holds cover in place. Bolstered for added comfort, machine washable.

Waterproof Wonder Luxury Dog Throw

This Waterproof Wonder Luxury Throw’s anti-skid PVC backing makes it 100% waterproof and skid-free. So this and this stylish throw’s soft polyester sleep surface will keep your couch clean when your pup comes home to his favorite spot. 59”L x 51”W, made of 100% polyester. 100% waterproof and machine washable.

Waterproof FurFighter Dog Couch Cover

Protect your couch with this waterproof, slip-resistant PVC-backed bolstered cover. Covered in the most fur-resistant microfiber, The Waterproof Furfighter Dog Couch Cover is made to of 100% polyester with 100% recycled high loft polyester fill and can be personalized with your dog’s name! Waterproof PVC layer blocks moisture. Machine washable.

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