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Try Kuranda Beds for Support and Comfort

kuranda dog bedsAlthough most humans think that recovering Tripawds need lots of fluffy pillows to lay on, what they really need is a bed with extra firm support.
Tripawds can have a hard time turning around on traditional pillow-style beds, which also act as a sponge for moisture, bugs and odors.

Instead of an old-school dog bed, consider a longer-lasting, clean and comfortable Kuranda Dog Beds. These “Guaranteed Chewproof” dog beds provide orthopedic support to arthritic dogs of all sizes and last practically forever!

Advantages of Kuranda Beds include:

  • An easy-to-clean vinyl weave fabric that’s perfect for post-surgery and incontinent dogs
  • A firm sleeping area that won’t bunch up and become uneven
  • Prevention of elbow hygromas from laying on hard surfaces
  • Provides firm support and an elevated barrier from cold, drafty floors

kuranda dog bedsKuranda’s Standard Bed heights are 6 in. for beds up to size Large, and 9 in. for XL Kuranda Beds & XX-Large. The XL and XX-large sizes are reinforced with steel rods for greater support.

You can use them indoors our outdoors, and the furniture-grade standard Poly-Resin framework has a glossy finish that is extremely resistant to sun and environmental-related damage.

Kuranda Beds also come with optional fleece pads and slip covers in various colors. When the long-lasting fabrics finally wear out, you can order replacement parts too.

Plus, these beds are Guaranteed Chewproof” for up to one year!kuranda dog beds

Unlike beds which wrap the fabric around the outside of a frame making it totally exposed for a dog to chew, Kuranda Beds have a patented design which secures the fabric inside a special channel in the frame totally inaccessible to dogs.

We think these beds are terrific for any dog, but especially for post-amputation surgery and older, arthritic dogs. If you already own one or decide to try one, tell us how it works for your Tripawd!

Thanks for making your Kuranda Bed purchase here at Tripawds. All purchases made through this site help cover the costs of maintaining this very special community!

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3 thoughts on “Try Kuranda Beds for Support and Comfort”

  1. I have 3 of these beds for all of my puppies and they love them! My mastiff has an extra large, my newfie and my shepperd both have larges. I find that it is easier for Sammy to get on the raised bed then lay on the floor style beds. I have a picture of him on it on my blog. I have noticed that it is harder for him to get off it, he has to roll around a little to get in the right position to get off. He is much more comfortable when he is on the bed though!

    Sammy and Elizabeth

  2. And here’s some more feedback from the Tripawds Facebook page:

    “Mojo loves his. It provided lots of comfort for him when he was getting well. It’s comfortable and easy for him to get on and off it. We love it.”

    “Our 3 dogs jockey for position to be the one in the Kuranda.. sometimes 2 at a time sleep on it. They are durable & easy to clean– well worth the investment.”


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