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Pilates for Pooches, Teach Your Tripawd Strength and Balance Moves

Tripawd pawrents wonder how they can decrease the chance of future injuries for their three legged pup. Every day we learn about new methods for staying strong, and today we’re here to tell you about the benefits of Pilates for Pooches.

Pilates can help your dog with body awareness, and make her stronger and more flexible. Even if your Tripawd is more of a couch potato queen than an agile cow dog, doing simple exercises disguised as fun can make a tremendous difference in preventing muscle strain and injuries.

pilates for pooches

A certified canine rehabilitation therapist can introduce you to safe ways to build up your Tripawd’s core strength. Canine rehabilitation pro Sarah Johnson has a video called “Pilates for Pooches: A Core Strengthening and Conditioning Program.”

Since 2005, Sarah has been in charge of the canine rehabilitation program at The Sams Clinicc, a Northern California veterinary specialty center. In Pilates for Pooches, Sarah presents an easy home exercise program that will show you how to teach your dog to move from its core while actively stretching and strengthening its muscles by using various balance training tools such as the FitPaws™ Balance Pads and Disks.

Through a combination of lecture, outline and demo videos, you’ll learn the best ways to keep your Tripawd fit. There are also three printable PDF documents that summarize the instruction methods, conditioning guidelines, exercise outline and even a log for monitoring your dog’s progress. This 64-minute video also includes a bonus section: Getting Started with a Puppy.

Some exercises may need to be modified for your Tripawd, but as Maggie shows in her Exercise Rehab videos, most of the exercises done with Balance Pads and Disks can be performed with safety and fun.

Purchase your copy of Pilates for Pooches: A Core Strengthening and Conditioning Program today and  remember that all purchases made here benefit the Tripawds Community!

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3 thoughts on “Pilates for Pooches, Teach Your Tripawd Strength and Balance Moves”

  1. How’d I miss this blog!?!? 🙂 Another good one Mr. Admin!!

    I have this dvd as well….I bet you guessed that! hehe!

    You really can’t go wrong with doing this rehab stuff with your Tripawd! And you can make it FUN by including your dog’s favorite treats! Maggie will work for food!! Just be careful not to work too long if they are crazy like Maggie is for food and may overdo it in her crazyness for food 😉

    Tracy & Maggie

  2. Oh Maggie, what a lucky girl you are for having such good Mom!

    Tracy, we have to thank you for your FitPAWS enthusiasm. We have BIG news about them, stay tuned!!!

  3. Oh can’t wait!!! Hope that means you talked them into making the balance pads bigger/longer!!! I tried but didn’t get very far…

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

    PS Maybe they’d be interested in doing Tripawd video? I tried another route with someone but didn’t get very far.


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