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Greatest Hits From The Gear Blog, vol. 1

It’s hard to believe eight months have passed since we first launched this Tripawds Gear blog to help inform folks facing amputation for their pups about the best gear for three legged dogs. In that time we’ve reviewed a lot of helpful products, some of which members may have missed.

With that in mind, here’s are just a few favorite products readers may find useful for making the most of life with their three legged friends …

Best Gear for Three Legged Dogs

Ruff Wear Webmaster Harness

The Webmaster is our most popular general use support harness, ideal for helping dogs in and out of vehicles or up and down stairs. It was the first product we ever reviewed, with a demo video featuring Jerry.  View our complete selection of recommended harnesses in the Tripawds Gear Shop.

Float Coat Dog Life Jackets

The Portage and Big Eddy Float Coats from Ruff Wear help Tripawds swim safely and enjoy the therapeutic benefits swimming has to offer three legged dogs.

Ruff Wear Bark’n Boots

The Grip Trex and Skyliner dog boots from Ruff Wear help provide traction on slippery surfaces and protect paws from developing pressure sores or other harm from hazardous terrain or dangerous road chemicals.

PAWZ Disposable Dog Boots

Pawz reusable rubber dog booties are an inexpensive option for those seeking a way to help their dogs from slipping on slick floors.

Pet Loader Car Steps for Dogs

The innovative design of Pet Loader folding car steps provides easy access to vehicles for dogs without the bulk and weight of larger dog ramps. The Otto Step is another innovative, lightweight but effective option for rear-entry SUVs and pickup trucks.

HoundAbout Big Dog Stroller

We posted this selection of strollers for dogs large and small after hearing about Xena getting out more often in her big dog stroller.

FitPaws Balance Pads

Balance Pads and Balance Disks from FitPaws help three legged dogs exercise vital core body muscles and develop proper balance techniques. Just watch how easy Maggie makes it look in her Balance Pad exercise video.

Cool Bed 3 Cooling Dog Bed

These thermo-regulating dog beds feel good on aching bones, and help provide comfort with post-amputation pain management relief too.

Healthy Pet Diners

Elevated dog bowls help maintain proper posture and make it easier for canine amputees to feed and drink. This selection of raised feeding stations from Fetch Dog include functional and stylish raised bowls for any dog or home decor.

This is just a small sampling of some great products available for maximizing the quality of life for your three legged friend. Use the search box at top right – or click relative tags at left – to find items that might meet your needs.

Stay tuned for more reviews and demo videos as we continue to search for solutions to help you help your Tripawd. Have you heard of products you’d like us to review? Would you like to share your feedback about a certain item or write a review of your own? Send us your thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “Greatest Hits From The Gear Blog, vol. 1”

  1. Hello Rene and Jim,
    Wonderful idea with the selected gear options. Do you sell and ship to your neighbours north in Canada? Trying to find these products where we are located in next to impossible.
    Thanks, Stirling


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