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FitPAWS Balance Disc Dog Exercise Video

Following up on Maggie’s great balance pad video, we are proud to present this movie featuring little miss moo and her core-strengthening Balance Disc routine:

The FitPAWS Pet Balance Disc is designed for use with dogs as a balance training tool, or for rehabilitation and physical therapy purposes. Ideal for sporting or working dogs, this unique balance disc features two training surfaces, a flat/smooth side and a textured surface.

The FitPAWS Pet Balance Disc is constructed from professional-grade heavy-duty PVC. This thick, durable material is great for the prevention of tearing due to dog nails and so your dog can easily grip the disc without slipping off. The FitPAWS Pet Balance Disc is conveniently available in both a 14 and 22 (giant) training surface for all size dogs, and can be easily adjusted by removing or adding air with a needle and pump (not included).

FitPAWS Pet Balance Disc:

  • Exercise training tool for active dogs
  • Ideal for dogs recovering from injuries
  • Improves balance
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Two different training surfaces
  • Can be used in multiples to create a balance training course.

The FitPAWS™ Balance Disc can be used for weight bearing activities and balance training for sporting and working dogs or for animal rehabilitation and therapy. The professional-grade heavy-duty PVC material is formulated for use with dogs, provides superior gripping and resists damage caused by dog nails. The balance challenge can be easily adjusted by removing or adding air.

Recommended for use with the FitDogs Pilates for Pooches DVD and FitPAWS Osteoarthritis and Your Dog DVD

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10 thoughts on “FitPAWS Balance Disc Dog Exercise Video”

  1. Well, Maggie is a “mooooo-vie” star again! 😉 This is hard work for Maggie….a little bit of PT work, goes a long ways for our Tripawds!

    I have the Pilates for Pooches dvd and the Osteoarthritis dvd….highly recommend both!

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  2. Maggie is a Mooo-vie star for sure! I saw this video earlier when it was posted and I am just so amazed. Tracy, you are amazing too with your passion for this- a great inspawration to the rest of us!

  3. I wish I could do this for a living! It’s my dream job! Rehab work with dogs…but alas, I live in the puckie’s….so my dream won’t happen 🙁 I’ll just pretend with my own dogs! haha

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  4. I wish I could do this for a living!

    You’re doing a pretty good job so far with Maggie’s How To series of instructional dog exercise videos. When will the DVD be available? 😉


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