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ThermaMat Dog Bed Pad Provides Post-op Comfort

As certified canine massage therapist Leslie Gallagher McMahon discussed in our recent Tripawds Health video interview, dogs will often lay down in a cool spot when feeling discomfort or pain.

“Sometimes dogs that are painful will seek out a cold, hard surface … It feels good on arthritic, injured or over-worked muscles.”

Warmth can also help heal the body after a major injury or surgery. That’s why Tripawds recommends the Bella’s Hot/Cold Pain Relief Pack as a great way to apply heat or ice therapy directly to sore muscles.

Here’s another solution we just discovered for keeping tripawds comfy after surgery or when exhausted from overworking tired muscles …

This item is no longer available.
Please our the list of recomended orthopedic dog beds.

Hot n’ Cold ThermaMat Pet Mat

The dual purpose Hot n’ Cold ThermaMat Orthopedic Dog Mat puts relief where it counts. Give your dog the relief he deserves with this temperature-controlled orthopedic dog mat. For larger dogs, simply insert the ThermaMat inside the cover of a favorite bed.

This heated dog bed provides a half hour of relief for your aching dog after warming it in the microwave for just a few minutes. Cool it fully in the freezer to provide additional comfort when needed.

  • 30″ (l) x 20″ (w)
  • Wipe-clean, easy-care cover
  • Dual-purpose removable liner warms in microwave or cools in freezer
  • Provides a half hour of soothing relief
  • Available in Green, Navy, or Red
  • Made in Maine, USA
NOTE: These FetchDog Deals have been discontinued.

Stay tuned to Jerry’s Tripawds News blog for our complete two-part video interview with canine rehab therapist Leslie Gallagher McMahon, and review these tips for when to apply heat or ice in our product review for Bella’s Hot/Cold Pain Relief Pack.

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