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Tripawds Favorite No Pull Leash Training Device

People think that because a dog is missing a leg, they must be weak and easier to control. Well, Wyatt is here to tell you that’s a myth. Even Tripawds can pull as hard as any four legger, and make walking a struggle instead of a joy.

For Wyatt, we’ve found that Gentle Leader is the best tool to help us communicate during our walks. Maybe it’s not the most attractive device, but for headstrong Tripawds like him and weaklings like us, it’s mandatory. While some folks swear by prong collars, this is what we love about the pain-free Gentle Leader:

Wyatt Needs a Walk

We love the Gentle Leader because it gives us control over where his head is going; when he wants to pull, we gently guide him toward the direction we want him to go, just like a horse bridle does.

The design is ingenious. The Gentle Leader’s nose loop show dogs who’s in charge. Just as how a canine pack leader will establish rank by firmly wrapping his jaws around a subordinate’s muzzle,  the nose loop does the same thing.

Devices that use pain to attempt to control a dog are only as good as the dog’s pain tolerance. For dogs like Wyatt who come from abused backgrounds, his pain tolerance level is much higher than any choke chain or prong collar.

We use the Gentle Leader along with his Ruff Wear harness every day. We don’t know what we’d do without it!

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9 thoughts on “Tripawds Favorite No Pull Leash Training Device”

  1. The ONLY way to walk Max without pulling is the Gentle Leader. He does try to get it off by rubbing his nose on me, but it doesn’t work, and people think he’s being affectionate!

  2. We love the Gentle Leader at our house! The dogs are wonderful walks when they use them and they’re very reasonably priced. I recommend these to all dog owners!

  3. How bout for short-snouted tripod dogs?? We have a three-legged boxer, and gentle leaders do not work well with them. She pulls sooooo hard!! 🙁

    • Hi Kelly. In many cases these kinds of tools just don’t work well. That’s when we pet parents need to find good dog trainers who can help address the root of the pulling issue. We found a good trainer for our Wyatt and he no longer needs a no-pull walking aid. I hope you can find a good one for your pup too!

  4. my 50lb, 12 yr old dog “Happy” just had his left rear leg amputated…there was a “spot” on the tibia, and a week after seeing it on the x-ray the bone broke….there’s no evidence of metastasis per ultra sound and xrays of chest/lungs, etc., but the vet says “once there’s cancer, it’s in the blood”…. question: chemo or no? i’m being pulled both ways by different tripod owners…. seeing the oncologist thursday 5/18… any generic or specific advice? thanks! Paul & Happy

    • Best wishes for Happy…please post in the forums, search the blogs, or consider reviewing the Reading List and FAQs or downloading the e-books for MUCH better help than you will receive here via comments on this ond gear post. Start here for help navigating the many helpful Tripawds resources for feel free to call the toll-free Helpline anytime!

  5. Having lost our angel Keira the husky in October after her July amputation, we thought we’d never let go of our grief. Enter Alvin, a one-year-old Alaskan husky who had been shot by a farmer for chasing chickens in Georgia. The New Jersey rescue organization would not adopt him out to a family without northern breed experience, so here we are! It feels like Keira engineered this. Anyway…I cannot control him on the leash, so we hired a professional who has recommended the gentle leader. The video of you and Wyatt looks exactly like Alvin on the gentle leader. He thrashes about, rolls on the ground, etc. But I’m gathering that we need to be vigilant and keep trying. I want so badly to expose him to all the beautiful New York trails, but I can’t have him pulling me over! Any additional tips you have will be greatly appreciated.

    • Aww Alvin is so lucky to find his way to you! Keira is pleased!

      Yes I would keep trying with the Gentle Leader, but also keep in mind that he is a HUSKY…they need TONS of exercise and not only walking. But you want to be careful about the type of exercise he gets. Too much of the wrong kind will hurt rather than help. To find out what he needs, a canine rehab therapist can get you started. The best part is the Tripawds Foundation can pay for your first rehab visit so please take advantage of the program! Here’s a link:


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