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DoubleBack Harness Great for Front-Leg Tripawds

Ruffwear has done it again! Their new DoubleBack harness is a strength-rated belay harness made for technical climbing with adventurous dogs but also featuring rear-lift hip support, perfect for Tripawds with weaker rear legs who need extra help getting up and around.


The DoubleBack dog harness provides an increased level of safety, comfort, and convenience – and as with the Web Master harness, we found it works well for assisting three legged dogs, especially ones who are missing a front leg.

Ruffwear DoubleBack:
Strength rated belay harness designed for technical climbing with dogs provides direct hip support using padded leg loops that stow in convenient zippered pocket when not being used.

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Product Review at a Glance


  • Great for front-leg Tripawds
  • Stays put; no slipping or spinning
  • Full padded belly support
  • Rear leg loops enable hip-lift and even weight dispersion
  • Stow away leg loops
  • Allows multi-point adjustments for a custom fit
  • Rugged, durable design
  • Strength-rated to 2,000lbf (8.9kN)
  • Two handles, one providing direct hip support


  • Not ideal for rear-leg Tripawds with small or no stump
  • No quick release buckles
  • Narrow top handle
  • Weighs more than the Web Master harness


The DoubleBack: Hind-Leg Support for Front Leg Tripawds

When we discovered the Ruffwear Web Master Harness for our front leg Tripawd Jerry, we fell in love with it. Although it was originally intended for mountaineering dogs, the Web Master is one of the best assistive devices for three legged dogs.

The Web Master harness helps pawrents assist their tripods when they need it most, like getting into cars, navigating slippery surfaces, or lifting up off the floor. The Web Master only has one drawback; on front-leg Tripawds, the harness will periodically shift to one side, requiring an occasional adjustment. Still, we’ve always felt that it’s a small inconvenience for a great assistive harness for three legged dogs.

Earlier this year, Ruffwear introduced the DoubleBack Harness. We heard great things about it, and couldn’t wait to test it. Pawrents of front leg Tripawds say the DoubleBack doesn’t require adjustments to stay upright. And for Tripawds with compromised hind legs, the rear leg loops give a boost by enabling simultaneous hoisting of both front and rear ends.

Doubleback Harness (Full Product Details)

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Ruffwear was kind enough to send us a demo model recently, and here’s what we learned …

DoubleBack Harness Key Features

The DoubleBack harness was created for hard-core mountaineering dogs. The strength-rated durable design was intended for hoisting dogs using ropes and pulleys, and getting them into otherwise inaccessible areas.

Rated at 2,000lbf or 8.9kN, Ruffwear wasn’t messing around when they designed this super safety harness. This is why the DoubleBack weighs a bit more than other harnessess: the fabric is heavier than the Web Master, there is fully padded belly support, and the lace-back buckles are made of anodized aluminum instead of plastic.

Wyatt Tests the DoubleBack

Why We Love It

Putting the DoubleBack on a dog can be done whether the dog is laying down or standing up. The leg loops don’t have to be used and they stow away inside a convenient zippered pocket when not in use. Getting a good fit on Wyatt didn’t take long, even without quick release buckles. Although the extra-strength straps must be “double backed” through the buckles for each use, getting the hang of it doesn’t take long, even with a squirmy dog. And they provide much stronger support for hoisting heavy dogs when necessary.

We also loved the under-belly padding. It looked comfortable when we lifted him up and down stairs, and we can appreciate how this would be beneficial for less mobile dogs. It would be wonderful if Ruffwear could integrate this padded belly support into the Web Master harness.

Wyatt wore the harness all morning while playing fetch. The DoubleBack fit great, and no adjustments were necessary. Removal took the same amount of time as putting it on him.

Some Things to Consider

We discovered the biggest downside of the DoubleBack when we attempted to put the leg loops on Wyatt. We assumed that since he has a fair amount of stump left on his amputation side, the loops would stay put. While running around however, the loop slipped off his side with the missing leg a couple times.


After making many adjustments without success, it was an easy conclusion; the DoubleBack leg loops do not work well on a rear-leg Tripawd.

But, if a rear-leg Tripawd pawrent still wants to use the DoubleBack for its great belly padding features and ultra-durable design, the leg loops neatly pack away. However, our gut feeling is that if you’re not going to utilize the leg loops, you’re better off sticking with the lower-priced Web Master harness instead … unless of course you intend to hoist your pup into a helicopter or lower him off a cliff! 😉

The only other drawback to the DoubleBack we noticed was the small size of the handle on the harness. They seem to be designed more as attachment points for climbing ropes instead of actual hand grips. Those with small hands can fully grasp the handles, but larger hands may have to squeeze inside.

The Tripawds Conclusion

Ruffwear has done it again, by creating another high quality, multi-use dog support harness. While there are many assistive devices available for handicapped dogs, no other company creates a user-friendly harness that’s rugged enough for the more active, three legged dogs of the world.

And now, for less-active front-leg Tripawds who require rear-end hip support, the DoubleBack Harness by Ruffwear is the perfect fit. Stay tuned for upcoming demonstration video!

Doubleback Harness Sizes

Please measure carefully! Girth measurements that determine proper fit for the DoubleBack are different than those for the Web Master. For dogs in between sizes, Ruff wear recommends selecting the smaller harness for an active performance fit.

PLEASE NOTE: Ruffwear will not ship outside the U.S. and no P.O. Boxes or military addresses are permitted. Please see this list of online retailers for international orders and review the Ruffwear shipping and return policies for complete details.

Purchase Information:
Strength rated belay harness designed for technical climbing with dogs provides direct hip support using padded leg loops that stow in convenient zippered pocket when not being used.

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Doubleback Harness (Full Product Details)

$124.95Select & Buy

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20 thoughts on “DoubleBack Harness Great for Front-Leg Tripawds”

  1. Young Wyatt deserves lots of extra treats for all this heavy-duty modelling work. Now how can you say he is A Wild One when he puts up with that?

  2. Please let me know if it would work on a Whippet due to their build? Our Whippet has four legs but needs assistance with side-to-side balance & prevent from falling forward into a nosedive.
    He is 14 years-old. We would appreciate your input at your earliest convenience.


    Our Veterinarian recommended your product since she has a three-legged cancer survivor that uses your product.

    • Your vet recommended the Ruff Wear DoubleBack harness? it should work fine, but may be overkill. The DoubleBack is designed for climbing with dogs but can help provide direct pelvic support for dogs with serious mobility issues.

      Please consider the Webmaster harness from Ruff Wear. It is by far the most popular harness we recommend for assisting dogs. Just follow the sizing instructions to measure your Whippet’s girth accurately and it will help you help her as needed.

  3. My Saint bernard mix (who has hip dysplasia, a rear luxating knee – which was repaired but surgery failed) is having his front right leg amputated today due to cancer. Who you recommend this harness to help him overall? Or is there a more specific one you recommend?

    • Thanks for asking Heather. The AST Get A Grip is a great harness we recommend most for giant breed dogs. But their Custom Pet Support Suit is best for large hard to fit dogs.

      The Doubleback is a great all-around harness, and Ruff Wear’s Web Master harness is the most popular one we recommend for most dogs. You may just find the body sling design provides more comfortable support for your Saint. Hope this helps! post in the forums for more advice and help from members.

  4. I have Scooter, a Bull Terrier puppy that is 5 months old. He had to have his right front leg amputated at a week old. His remaining front leg is bowing a bit on x-ray and I am concerned. When I measure him around behind his front legs, it is 22 inches. That would make him an XS, is that correct? He wears a medium to large in collars and coats, so I am not sure if that is correct. He weighs 25 pounds now. Which harness would be the best to use? Scooter loves to go for rides, so I need help putting him in the truck, or even getting him down off of the couch which he loves to jump up on, but can’t get down himself. I am also searching for a good stroller because the vet does not want me walking him until we recheck his leg in a few months.

    • Thanks for asking Cynthia, a 22″ girth would indeed be the XS size. You might consider the next size up since Scooter may outgrow it quickly. Based on your needs, however, it also sounds like you might benefit just fine with the Ruffwear Web Master harness. It is much easier to put on and take off, the Doubleback shown above requires lacing the loops.

      Don’t miss our recommended dog strollers review too!

  5. Due to the design like a standard harness I would not use this myself for a front amputee. Though it was recommended to me by a person with a tripawd missing a front leg to me it was not ideal. I had to lift my buddy’s only front let to get the harness on him.

    I think this is a great harness for people with active tripawds that really just need a little BOOST when jumping in the car or what not. For older or larger or less mobile dogs it is not as helpful IMO>

    It is a nice product though at a nice price point. I would not hesitate if my doggie got around better. Unfortunately at his age and he is a bit heavier it did not work for me.

  6. We have an old medium mixed breed. He cannot jump into or out of the lobster boat from the skiff anymore. We want to put him in a harness and use the hauler to put him on and off the boat from the skiff. Which harness would be best? Thanks for your advice.

  7. Hi. I have a komondor mix who lost his hind leg a couple month ago do to a drunk driver. He is doing good with normal walking but when it gets hilly or rougher he does sometimes almost fall. He is a big dog as well. Is this the right harness for him? i just want the best for my baby. Is there a better harness for him?
    Thank you

  8. I loved the RWDB harness for my 60# degenerative myelopathy dog especially for the rear end support. I added additional leg loop padding and a “handle” (a leash coupler) attached by small carabiners to the rear. She could wear it in the tank for underwater treadmill therapy, in her cart, and pretty much 24/7. If you want snap style buckles, this is not the product to get. Once you have fitted your dog and he/she has worn it awhile, it’s easy to take off and put back on. RW’s online video is very helpful for fitting.

    I tried it on my 50# dog and she wasn’t crazy about the extra weight. I debated getting a Webmaster for her, but hesitated while we were figuring out her orthopedic issue. When she became a rear-leg amputee a few weeks ago, we chose a lighter-weight Help ‘Em Up for her and attached the coupler as a rear-assist.

    I’m ordering the Ruffwear Front-Range Harness for a dog with cervical spine (neck) issues. I love Ruffwear products.

  9. We have a front leg amputee and after trying all sorts of harnesses we were lucky enough to find the Webmaster harness. She is a 47 pound boxer/pit and has the barrel chest of a boxer. We found that she pulls quite a bit so i also use an easy walker and caribnger it to the webmaster to keep it from sliding. I have found the webmaster tends to slip to the side of her missing leg. We are looking at getting the Doubleback. For a couple reasons
    1. I like the leg loops and feel they might come in handy in the future since she is only 2 and we have already had to do knee surgery on one of her back legs.
    2. I like the full padding on the belly, something i thought was lacking in the Webmaster since I occasionally need to lift her up or down.
    I really wish there was a leash attachment on the front of the harness to help reduce her pulling (easy walker helps with this but is a pain to attach and un-attach.

    Any suggestions on harness type that would work better?

  10. We have a front leg tripaw whose back legs are weakening with an ACL tear. He does very well with his Ruffwear but we he could use some extra help in getting up these days. He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. Do you think the doubleback would be a good option for him?

    • Yes, the Doubleback will certainly help you provide direct hip support more than the Web Master. For temporary use, you might also consider the CareLift Dog Lifting Harness – a much less expensive option with quick-release buckles – to determine if this type of harness works for you.


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