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The Purrfect Litter Box for 3-Legged Cats

A litter box for 3-legged cats doesn’t always go according to plan. In the Tripawds Discussion Forum for Three-Legged Cats, Molly’s mom @molmol shared the Goldilocks process to find the right litter box for her new Tripawd kitty.

Tripawd Molly Gives Her Litter Box Opinions

Molly Tripawd Cat
Molly has her opinions about litter boxes for 3-legged cats.

Molly handled recovery like a champ, but when it came to her litter box, her mom Jane worked hard to find out what she liked. Here’s what she wrote:

litter box for 3-legged cats
She had her choice of boxes to help her recover from amputation.

“Long story short – she preferred her old ways of doing things over new ways that I thought would benefit her. Molly used a top-entry box all her life. When we found she was going to be amputated because of an osteosarcoma on her right front leg, we switched to a regular litter box called Catit Hooded Litter Jumbo box.”

Catit litter box for 3-legged cats
Molly loved Catit from the beginning!

It was a good move. “She liked it – easy to step in and out, roomy, and enclosed,” they wrote.

Molly would have been hoppy with the Catit box, but her mom thought she would be more comfortable in a low-sided litter box. Here’s what happened:

“I bought So Phresh Open litter box. She hated it. She went in, sat for a minute while staring at her Catit litter box that was placed a few steps away, jumped right out of it, and hopped right in her Catit litter box. I knew right away she didn’t like the open litter box.”

SoPhresh litter box for 3-legged cats
Molly went “Meh!” with this one.

Wanting to give Molly the very best, they purchased Nature’s Miracle High Sided Cat litter box. Molly let them know what she thought.

Nature's Miracle litter box for 3-legged cats
This was her second choice.

“She tolerated and used this box, but still went to the the Catit box that she was used to. She needed more space to move around since it was bigger. We also kept the same litter that she has used all her life, Precious Cat Ultra litter.”

cat litter for 3-legged cats
They knew better than to change Molly’s litter brand.

Today, Molly’s mom has two litter boxes for her. She keeps one on each level of their home. “We keep the litter door open, and she does her business inside her box consistently,” she said.

Get More Litter Box Tips for 3-Legged Cats

Remember, amputation recovery for cats doesn’t always go according to plan. A Tripawd cat’s litter box can be one of the biggest challenges. Consider posting your experience and questions in the Tripawds Discussion Forum for Three-Legged Cats.

Litterbox tips for tripawd cats

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10 thoughts on “The Purrfect Litter Box for 3-Legged Cats”

  1. You may have done this but I do wonder whether the old box was more attractive because it had familiar smells ie. wondering if she might have chosen differently if some used litter had been placed in the new trays?

  2. That all may be fine for an indoor cat that has had an amputation, depending on whether a front or rear leg had to be amputated. For those of us who adopted ferals who had to undergo amputation and have never used a litter box before, it is unreasonable. Simply getting my girl to limit herself to the bathroom rug was initially challenging. Now I am trying to transition to a senior cat litter box and hoping it works.

    • Hi! I am going through the same circumstances, outside stray ( Riley) showed up at our home with a broken leg and had to have it amputated at the shoulder joint . We are struggling to find something she will use… I just ordered a box for senior cats. If you figure out something that works please follow up. We are just experimenting knowing that these are life altering changes for her and I’m sure it takes time but any advice is very appreciated


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