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Discover PAWZ Boots, Win a Free Pair

PAWZ dog boots are essential gear for all Tripawd pet pawrents. Now, you can try them yourself by entering to win a free package! See below for details.

PAWZ for Tripawds

These natural rubber, durable dog boots are a simple way to ensure your three-legged hero will be safe when you encounter slippery floors, ice and snow, hot pavement — anytime you need extra traction safety.

PAWZ are an affordable way to test your dog’s tolerance for wearing boots. Not all dogs will wear boots even after following these dog boots break-in suggestions. Since Pawz come 12 in a package and each boot may be worn many times, at less than $20 they’re a cost-effective investment for your Tripawd’s safety.

PAWZ Key Features

Goes on easily and fits securely without zippers or straps
Made of natural rubber, 100-percent biodegradable
Protection from ice, snow, salt, lawn chemicals and hot surfaces
Assists with traction control and allergies
Pawz come 12 in a package and each boot may be worn many times
Allows a dog’s feet to feel the ground
(important for proprioception and balance).

Dog Feet Heal Faster with PAWZ

PAWZ boots also protect your dog’s feet after surgery or while healing from a broken nail, cracked paw pads and other foot conditions.  Anyone who’s ever had to soak a dog’s foot in Epsom salts knows how challenging it is to keep the paw soaking. Sid’s Mom came up with a great solution to the paw soaking challenge by using PAWZ boots. Here’s how she does it:


So we’re soaking his foot in saline, and because the incision has dried out and cracked open a little, I’m drying it off well with careful use of a towel plus a hairdryer on cool for between his toes, and then putting Manuka honey on it.

And here’s where I had my brainwave.  I’m using Pawz protective boots for when he goes outside, with a doggie slipper sock inside them for padding. I got the next size up for covering his bandage, but now they’re a perfect size for soaking his foot.  I put the boot on the foot with a little pad of cotton wool inside, mix up a warm solution of saline and ‘inject’ it into the top of the boot using a 10ml syringe.  It takes about 4 or 5 squirts to half fill it with saline. Sid lays there as good as gold for ten minutes while it soaks, and I know that the pad has been kept quite wet for the whole time without trying to get his foot over a bowl.

Isn’t this a great idea? Thanks to PAWZ, now there’s no more wrasslin with your dog to get those paws in Epsom salt water!

How to Win a Package of PAWZ

Your Tripawd wants you to win a free pair of PAWZ. All you need to do is answer the following question in the comments section below. What great “feet” has your Tripawd done lately?

This contest has ended. Read on to save on PAWz!

All answers must be received by Friday April 4 at 12 midnight Pacific time. One winner will be selected at random and notified via email.

Order PAWZ Today!

Don’t wait for our contest to end, order your package of PAWZ rubber dog boots today! Here’s how to ensure a great fit.

PawzSizeChartMeasure your dogs paw from the back of the heel to the longest toenail. This measurement will correspond with one of the seven sizes available.

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Thank you for participating! Head’s up: Tripawds received a complimentary package of PAWZ in exchange for holding this contest, but we only showcase products that we know benefit our three-legged heroes.

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19 thoughts on “Discover PAWZ Boots, Win a Free Pair”

  1. My baby girl Sammy is just one week post op and she has been amazing me everyday. Just knowing that she can walk (or should I say Hop) around is an amazing “feet” for me. And just yesterday she accomplished going up three steps in our home!!! Slowly but surely. We will have many more amazing feets to share.

  2. Sassy’s amazing feat was that she amazed everyone that she could walk or hop after surgery being a big girl & that she survived almost 10 months post amputation with lung mets for 7 3/4 months.

  3. My Paczki girls’ “feet” is just her being here! She was dumped on a street in Detroit. Dog Aide, a rescue/support group in the city, found her They tried to find an owner without success, so they vetted her and put her up for adoption. From the first time I saw her photo, I was in love! She has a right rear leg amputation; we don’t know when or why, and it sure doesn’t matter to her! She plays, runs, (small) jumps, and is the most loving, happy girl on the planet.

  4. Brie is almost 5 weeks post op. She dislocated her ankle by stepping on it weird and in one fell swoop we were being told to amputate her leg.
    Brie has had many “feets” of greatness in this process. Dealing with me sobbing over her, avoiding my brute shepherds that think she can still play the same, but most of all, it’s her confidence and desire to keep trying that amazes me.
    She used to love to jump up on our high, king sized bed. As an active, 15 pound agility sheltie, this used to be cake. Now with one back leg gone, she seems confused about why it seems so impossible. The other night she was getting hyper so I picked her up and put her on the bed to send her through a repertoire of silly tricks, just like she used to do. She got so excited and hyper that she zoomed off the bed. She flipped around to try to come back and you could see her pause, trying to remember the balance and strength that used to come so naturally to her. I got her amped up and started calling her to get on the bed. She jumped, got her top feet up, strained and strained, and slid back down. I got really excited for her and loved her up big time for trying at all. Then I quickly got her amped up and had her try again. She was SO excited! She jumped…. and soared beautifully onto the bed!!! If she thought I was excited before, she met a whole new level of it when she reached me! I didn’t have any dog treats nearby so I popped a cheez it in her mouth which she really wasn’t expecting at all. Her eyes dilated into that, “OMG, this is so amazing” look 🙂 She’s a super star!

  5. Murphy had his right front leg removed last April due to cancer. He has always loved laying outside in the sun, rain, snow, whatever the weather. In August, just 4 months post-op, he had been outside for awhile and I stepped out to see what he was doing. I couldn’t believe it….with just one leg he was trying to dig under our wood pile, and had been for about 45 minutes! Apparently he heard a mouse in there and wanted at it and wasn’t letting anything stop him! There was wood laying on the ground and a pretty good sized hole dug up! He totally amazed us with his tenacity. His 1 year ampuversary is coming up next week, and with another tumor in his left shoulder blade and an enlarged lymph node on his right we know that our time with Murphy is limited, but we charish every day we have with our sweet boy. <3

  6. My Nicky has saved a dogs life,helped a child over their fear of dogs and also has taught me how to live with my disability. He stays with me when I am in pain and hugs me to sleep at night. He has helped another dog over come man fears. He is my guardian angel.
    He would need the x large size if he wins

  7. Oh well… special feats… if you asked Adelaide what her best feat was, she’d say escaping the fenced yard, while also taking her collar off, chasing a cat up not 1, but 2 trees and then into a culvert, and avoiding capture by her mom (me) for 45 minutes while romping around in the muddy wooded pond. (Can you hear I’m not happy with this feat?) To me, though, her best feat was jumping the kiddy/kitty gate. At first, she jumped it when it was sitting about 5 inches off the ground, and it is a 28″ gate, so she got to where she was clearing nearly 3 feet without batting an eye. Then the gate went to the bottom of the stairs, 5″ above the first step. Well, steps are about 6″ tall, so that meant she cleared nearly 3 1/2 feet. Impressed (and irritated) me. When she puts her mind to it, she’s going to get over or under an enclosure. Three “feet” don’t slow her down.

  8. Hope is my five year old golden doodle who survived a terrible car accident on January 7. She is a left rear leg amputee. She has been swimming and hiking on the Mogollon Rim in AZ already! More importantly than that though is she is back to her work as a pet therapy dog at our local hospital and special needs school. Enjoying every moment of her life!! She sure would put those PAWS to good use if she won. Those floors in the facilities can get a wee bit slippery. She wears a large. Thank you!!

  9. My buddy Pesto has gone from abuse, homelessness , being hit by a car, captured by animal control to becoming a tripawd. His spirit hasn’t suffered one bit through all of the turmoil. He amazes & inspures me every day. Pesto needs these boots as he falls quite a bit no matter how much I try to keep it from happening Thank You.

  10. Jack is 3 months post amp from osteosarcoma and he’s a BIG boy. As a large, 8 year old Great Pyrenees two vets told us they did not recommend treatment because he would have too difficult of a time getting around. We knew he would do great, and he has! Everyone is amazed how well he is doing. In fact, we have to keep him from chasing and wrestling with our other dog in the yard, and from trying to play “tag” with my daughter!
    Heading in today for round three of chemo – which he’s also doing amazingly well with! The ONLY thing he has trouble with is our hardwood floors, so I think PAWZ might be a solution to that problem.

  11. Jersey, my snow white lab mix, has been a tripod since she was about ten weeks old. Now at a year and half, she’s still the same happy, healthy and very bouncy girl! She can outrun and knock down all of her sisters and brother. With hardwood floors throughout, play time in the house gets kind of slippery at times. Jersey would love a pair of boots!

  12. My little man came to us with only three legs. We adopted him from Texas! He has had many great “feets” since he has been here. He adapted to living with a cat (now they can even be caught cuddling!) and he learned sit, stay and come commands. Finally, after many struggles and much tribulation, has finally conquered…


    Naturally it was at the last convenient time when we had another dog visiting that we figured “eh, if they don’t love each other Chance will stay upstairs, Boomer will stay downstairs.” And downstairs bounded Chance after months of staying at the top of the stairs and whining until he was carried down. Silly puppy.

    He would be a small!

  13. We rescued our Maverick with only three legs, a front leg amputee. We were actually just going to foster him, but failed. I do have to say it’s the greatest feeling to know we failed at this. He has brought a great sense of excitement to our house that wasn’t here before. Tile floor + three legs = a dog sliding mess. 😉 He is a big dog, lab/great dane, and would definitely be an XL.

  14. ♥♡♥ Nevermind my story, give it to #9. Simply amazing and beautiful what this duo is doing for others. ♡♥♡

  15. When we lost Leo who knew he would guide another 3 legged yellow lab to us. We adopted Cooper who was born on Christmas Day last weekend. He walked into our lives that in itself is truly a gift.

  16. Our Dakota amazes us every day. She’s three weeks out from her front leg amputation and I’m in awe of how well she’s adapted to her condition. Unfortunately her hind legs aren’t 100% so it’s more like she has 2 & 1/2 legs, yet she flies outside like you wouldn’t believe. You just better not get in her way!!! Her arch nemesis is still those darn slick floors at the vet though ( which we’ll be seeing a lot more of than we’d like for awhile bc of of her chemo) so thank you for inventing these little booties. Can’t wait to try them!


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