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Best of Tripawds Gear and Fitness Tips for Three Legged Dogs

When it comes to finding the best fitness and strengthening exercises for three-legged dogs, we have a lot of helpful information here at our Tripawds Gear Blog. For your convenience, here are the best blog posts to help you get started with a fitness program for your amputee dog.

Where Do I Begin with Doggie Physical Therapy?

Canine rehabilitation therapy has come a long way over the last few years and more physical therapy options are available all the time. With so many options to choose from, how does a Tripawd pawrent know where to begin?

Why Longer Walks Won’t Strengthen a Tripawd’s Leg Muscles

After amputation surgery, a three legged dog needs time to build up muscles in remaining limbs. But walking won’t do the trick. According to canine fitness experts, only core strengthening activities will increase muscle toneand keep your Tripawd steady on his paws.

Stay Strong with Maggie’s FitPAWS Workout

One of the best examples of a Tripawd who has achieved the ideal canine amputee fitness level is Maggie the Agile Cow Dog. See how she utilizes our highly-recommended FitPAWS Gear to stay fit at age 12.

Three Legged Fun on the Buja Board

See how walking on an unstable surface can help your Tripawd gain strength and flexibility.

See All FitPAWS Gear

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5 thoughts on “Best of Tripawds Gear and Fitness Tips for Three Legged Dogs”

  1. I’m so glad to see these blog posts about PT work for our tripawders!!! As I’ve said before, I can’t say enough about how a “little goes a long ways” with this work. And it’s so fun for the dogs – lots of treats involved! 🙂

    Tracy & Maggie

  2. This is my first comment and I don’t know which forum to comment in.
    Tomorrow morning Jamie will have his left rear leg amputated due to cancer.
    This site has given me hope. Thank you.
    I am gearing up to buy an AST Get-A-Grip Harness. I just purchased the Bella hot & cold Pain Relief pad.
    I understand that the doctors still don’t know which type of cancer Jamie has, whether it’s chondrasarcoma or osteosarcoma. After the amputation they are going to send away a large slice. Plus whole body x-rays and 3d lung & abdomen.
    Does this sound familiar to anyone?


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