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New Ruff Wear Climate Changer Dog Coat Features Better Fit, Feel and Fabric

Fall is falling and so is the temperature in most of the country. That’s when a durable dog jacket like the Ruff Wear Climate Changer Coat comes in handy.

Adding the Climate Changer’s extra layer of insulation to your dog’s natural coat is helpful whether your dog is a new amputee just recovering from surgery, or has already adjusted to life on three legs and wants to play outdoors in colder temperatures.

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Climate Changer Features

  • 75% recycled/ recyclable polyester fleece is lightweight and breathable
  • Zippered closure for easy on/off
  • Light loop for night-time safety
  • Reflective trim sewn into seams for low-light visibility

Whenever a Ruff Wear product goes through a re-design, the company pays extra careful attention to things that can improve their already pawesome products. The new Climate Changer seems to fit Tripawds Spokespup Wyatt Ray Dawg even better than the previous model. Compare these current photos to our video review of the first Climate Changer sweater and you’ll see what we mean.

Another aspect we love about the Climate Changer is that this new form-fitting design presents no problems for front-leg tripod dogs; simply sew up the extra arm hole and your front-leg Tripawd has protection from the elements, even right after surgery.

To dress your dog with this coat, simply have him do a sit, then gently lift the front leg(s) into the sweater holes. A new side-zipper is easy to open and close and presented no problems for us with Wyatt, who is a naturally squirelly dog when it comes to handling his legs.

You can see how the coat is snug and form- fitting on Wyatt’s deep-chested, thin-waisted torso type.

The Climate Changer isn’t too tight, and fits him just right without getting in the way of natural activities like eliminating and exercising!

Although the Climate Changer is form-fitting, it also has a lot of give when Wyatt turns and twists his body around. The sweater fabric flows with his movements and doesn’t bind into his fur.


  • Available in Granite Grey, Purple Dusk or Burnt Orange
  • Same great durable, water and dirt-resistant fabric
  • Great for front-leg Tripawds; covers stitches
  • Interior stays dry even when playing in snow
  • Even better form-fitting shape
  • Machine Washable
  • Made from recycled material!


  • Won’t cover stitches for rear leg amputees.

Like all Ruff Wear products, the Ruff Wear Climate Changer is durable and long-lasting, perfect for even the rowdiest pup at the dog park, or snoozing on the couch.

We can’t say enough great things about it, so if you’re looking for a good investment in your dog’s comfort, this is one of the most versatile, wallet-friendly canine gear buys around. 

Order the Climate Changer Today!

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4 thoughts on “New Ruff Wear Climate Changer Dog Coat Features Better Fit, Feel and Fabric”

  1. I actually have a question, not a comment. I have read in another review that this new version of the Climate Changer is not as thick as the old one. What do you think since you have used both?

  2. I wrote ruffwear customer service, here is what they said just in case anyone else ever needs it 🙂
    “The new version is a tighter weave, making it less likely to pill, have fur/dirt/debris stick to it and make it more resistant to tears or punctures. It has a thinner feel to it then the loftier version with Polartec brand fleece. The weight of the fleece is slightly lighter then the old version. We haven’t seen any significant difference in a dogs comfort or warmth in one versus the other.”


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