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Enter to Win Bret Michaels Pets Rock Gear

You can bring out the rock star in your Tripawd with the Bret Michaels Pets Rock collection, now at PetSmart.

Tripawds is back from BlogPaws 2012 and we have lots of new cool pet gear to sing about, like the super cool Bret Michaels Pets Rock line of dog gear, toys, bedding and more.

Read on to enter our contest for free goodies from this exclusive line, courtesy of our generous friends at PetSmart! A total of six lucky winners will be chosen.

Bret Michaels Says Pets Rock.

Bret Michaels, rock star extraordinaire, TV star, lead singer of the heavy metal band Poison and dog lover, has partnered with PetSmart to release this fun line of dog gear for the rock star in all of our pups!

PetSmart wants Tripawds everywhere to show the world their rock star side, so they gave us a sweet selection of product samples for the Tripawds Nation. As longtime Bret Micahels fans, this is why we’re so excited:

Tell Us Why Your Tripawd Rocks!

Wanna win some gear? Here’s what SIX lucky winners can win this week:

This contest has ended.

Embossed Leather Collar or Leash
(one large 4″ collar and 4′ leash in black)
(one large 4″ collar and 4′ leash in brown)

Black and Red Flying Skull Tattoo Hoodie
(one medium rockin’ dog outfit…check out the sleeves, they have play tattoos on them!)

Pink and Black Rocker Chick Dress
(one medium dog outfit, with leather mini skirt)

How to Win Your Pets Rock Gear:

Simply use the button below to share this link an reveal your secret question. Then leave a comment with your answer for your chance to win a random drawing for some rockin’ pet gear from Brett Michaels!

Sorry, this contest has ended. But go ahead and share anyway!


Sharing is Caring!

24 thoughts on “Enter to Win Bret Michaels Pets Rock Gear”

  1. She has all 4 legs, but she can’t go up and down stairs or roll onto her back because she has back problems. That doesn’t stop her from rocking though! She brings smiles and happiness to everyone she sees, and she would look adorable in that dress with the leather skirt attached!

    (Was great seeing you at BlogPaws)

  2. Tazzy is a rockstar! She can spin circles, wrestle with her monkey-butt sister without losing her footing, dig holes to China with just one front leg, or just lays there with her ice-blue eyes on you. She is a super ambassador for three legged dogs everywhere I take her. Everyone wants to pet her and have me tell them her story, which ALWAYS includes this super website. We would have been so lost without you! Win or lose this drawing we are winners for knowing all of you!

    • That’s the spirit! Who else wants to play along? Just use the Share link above to reveal your secret question, then leave a comment here with your answer.

  3. I love tripwads because they have awesome products. I am also very satisfied with a purchase a made a few months back, Bella’s pack. It worked excellent for my Great Dane that was recuperating from arthroscopic surgery.

  4. My tripawd, Shane, is a rock star because he did not lose his leg to an illness, but rather to abuse. And, despite his mistreatment by humans…he still loves them. He IS a rock star at the dog park…everyone wants to meet him and hear his story…and love him. He happens to be a pit bull, so he is also using his differences as a means of being a breed ambassador…people notice his missing leg before they notice he is a pit mix. Because he is SO special…a male pit with a history of abuse and a physical diffferences…he is currently working on his therapy dog certification!! We want him to show others that you can go through something terrible, have physical and emotional scars from it, survive, and go on to do great things in the world!

  5. My tripawds name is Chocolate. He’s a Miniature Pincher. He’s is the most amazing dog I’ve ever seen. I’m a very athletic person so I got him used to working out since he was a baby. I cried all day when they amputated his leg. I thought he would never be able to hike or run with me again. Little did I know. He was like nothing. Choco still goes on long runs with me. He also hikes in places where some dogs with four legs and even some people with two legs cannot hike because they do not have the physical condition to do so (For example: Mt. Woodson in California, which is a 4 hour difficult hike). The most amazing part is that he goes in front on me pulling the leash the whole time. Amanzigly enough, I, a fit person who works out every day, get tired before he does. Needless to say that everybody gets pretty impressed with him on the trails. They even stop to take pictures of him. He inspires me every day. He’s the greatest son! 🙂

  6. One of our performing dogs is a three Legged Pit named Nubs… He is AMAZING !!! He is a rescue from Chico, CA. and was hit by a car before I adopted him. He was totally depressed and wouldn’t come out of his crate. He learned to move around again on three leggs and is now one Incredible Frisbee Catching Machine !!! He is a World Class Dock Diving Dog and People get in line after the show just to take pictures with him and et him.
    Nubs is one Cool Dog !!!
    Check out his Pic on Facebook – Lou Mack McCammon

  7. Rock on! If anypawdy else wants to play along for your chance to win, use the Share link above to reveal the secret question then leave a comment with your answer here.

  8. We call him Balki, The Bones. He rocks it like he is in a band. He attacks life with a pure rock n’ roll spirit. Nothing can stop my three legged rock dog. He loves to wear super cool clothes and accessories. Everywhere he goes people want to know his name. He simply rocks at life.

  9. Naturally he does because he is called Vader, and who could rock more than a dog with the name of a Star Wars evil mastermind?

    Vader has been known to help Mummy play Guitar Hero by pressing the buttons with his singular front paw and we think his next move is to join a famous band! We are welcome to suggestions!

    Vader would love to win this and be crowned the most “rocking” tripawd around in the hope that he can show the world that you don’t need to have four paws to be a cool dude!

  10. Tripawd Lily is a rockstar because she is always happy and makes everyone around her happy. Even if she has ANOTHER vet appointment her butt never stops wiggling and her tail is always wagging. Lily makes the best of every situation and is truly an inspiration. Go Lily love bug… you rock.

  11. Charlie tours like a rockstar, going to many different specialists for traditional and holistic treatments, as well as visiting his favorite stores and adventure spots. He has the fans of a rock star too, all of whom are rooting for him to beat this stupid cancer. Rock on, Charlie.

  12. Keep those entries coming! If you have not yet done so, use the Share link above to reveal your secret question and leave a comment with your answer.

    For those who already answered, we will announce the winner Monday, July 2.

  13. Lil miss tippy is more of a rock star at 7 weeks old the most 4 legged adult dogs! She has energy that omits constant from her lil body! Nothing holds her back… really excited to take the journey with her that life has instore for her…I believe shes special and the world is gonna see it!

  14. My tripawd is BO! He rocks because he’s not afraid to try anything!! high jump, long jump, A frame, tire jump, or just hanging with his 4 legged brothers “fishing” in the pond out back! You dont need 4 legs to be full of life and love!!

  15. Bubba is a rock star! He is a new Tripawd (only 1 month post surgery) and cancer survivor! Beyond that, he has become a local neighborhood celebrity. From the 7-11 on the corner to the elementary school in the neighborhood, people know the “dog with 3 legs.” His fan club, as I call it, is a group of neighborhood children who come to visit him and leave encouraging messages on his tripawd’s website. Neighborhood people have driven by my house and stop to ask how Bubba is and wish him well. He is amazing everyone with his strength even though he is still struggling with an infection. He has a contagious personality that makes everyone smile, even more on three legs!

  16. Our tripawd knows how to get things does! He might have only 3 legs but that doesn’t stop him from showing that he whats t keep going. is going to be around for his families friends to the end! I’d like him to have the best life he can and for us to pay him back in his time in need. He’s done so much for our family and our friends. Please give our big guy a little more comfort in his jouranys. An thing will do@ Thanks for the consideration

  17. Woo hoo! We have some winners! Our List Randomizer at selected:

    – Balki
    – Vader
    – Jessica K. (Shane)
    – Bubba

    Thank you so much everypawdy for your participation! Stay tuned, we have MORE Bret Michaels giveaways coming soon!

  18. Thank-you!!! This is awesome! Bubba will be one rockin’ Tripawd with his rockstar gear. I can’t wait to post pics! There’s no way we can get Bret Michaels to hand deliver the goods???? Thank-you again to Tripawds and Bret Michaels 🙂


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