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New FetchDog Items Help Recovering Tripawds

The latest news from FetchDog includes a number of products beneficial for dogs on the mend from any major surgery.

New Pet Gates Confine and Protect Recovering Tripawds

Compare the quality of these pet gates with those available at the mega-pet stores. goes all-out to select unique and high quality dog or pet gates for dog-loving shoppers.

Lock ‘n Block Sliding Glass Door Pet Gate

Finally, a pet gate designed specifically for use with sliding glass doors. The Lock ‘n Block Sliding Glass Door Gate, with its long lasting, easy-to-clean powder-coated finish and easy to use, one handed operation, is meant for use with all standard tracking doors of 1” or 1 1/2” thickness. Sleek and rugged, this gate will ensure your dog remains where she should.

Extra Tall Freestanding Pet Gate

Perfect for large breeds and high jumpers, this Tall Freestanding Pet Gate is easy to set-up and move around. Its solid wood construction looks great and makes for a durable gate that won’t easily topple or break. Feel like you have a four-legged Houdini on your hands? Then, this may just be the gate for you.

Hassle-Free Pet Gate

Gated openings tend to be a focal point of confusion, with three-legged friends often at the ready for the slightest chance of escape or entry. Throw in some stairs or a narrow hallway and things can get dangerous. The Hassle-Free Pet Gate, accommodates small to medium sized dogs. And, with this wall mounted gate’s no-frame design and automatic closing and locking features, is meant to ensure everyone remains safe – no matter who’s coming or going.

Adjustable Tubular Vehicle Barrier

The custom made Adjustable Tubular Vehicle Barrier is an easy to install way to make sure your dog won’t become a distraction. Featuring a unique and adjustable design, it can be used either horizontally or vertically. It’s a vehicle barrier designed to remind your dog, that while she may have a license – it isn’t a license to drive.

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Maintain Tripawd Posture with Stylish Elevated Bowls

Elevated bowls make it easier for new three legged dogs to eat and drink. See more here!

NOTE: These FetchDog Deals have been discontinued.

Bamboo Dog Feeding Cabinet

Beauty, longevity and sustainability. Three concepts which the Bamboo Feeding Cabinet embodies. Combining the function of an elevated dog feeder and the convenience of a built-in storage compartment with the simple beauty of eco-friendly bamboo, this cabinet allows for healthier eating habits – and a healthier planet, too. Includes two stainless steel bowls.

Modern Diner Dog Feeder

Add a bit of class to your dog’s dining experience with the Modern Diner Raised Dog Feeder. Bearing all the traits of a modern sensibility, with its sturdy metal build, crisp fine lines and robust right angles, it’s the sort of elevated dog feeder that takes feeding time to a whole new level.

Interactive Toys Keep Confined Pups Entertained

Confinement is key to safe recovery, but it can drive dogs batty. Keep them entertained with new interactive dog toys and games from FetchDog!

Dog Twister Brainy Board Dog Game

During recovery, dogs get bored – and boredom is a recipe for trouble. Channel your dog’s energy – and mischief – in the right direction. Keep recovering pups entertained by challenging them in this Brainy Dog Board Game to dislodge the removable bones and slide the top covers to access the hidden treat.

New Selection of Interactive Dog Toys!

Interactive dog toys are the perfect solution for keeping recovering pups entertained. Check out this selection of dog puzzle toys and bouncy brain teasers that stimulate your dog’s curiosity, satisfy their natural urge to hunt and keep them occupied with a playful diversion.

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