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Musher’s Secret Protects Snowy Paws

Snow days are just around the corner for our cold-climate Tripawd friends. If you live in the great white north, what will you do to protect your Tripawd’s feet from snow, salt and ice build up?
Musher's Secret All Natural Paw Protection Wax 60 g for Dog and Canine

Boots are great, but not all dogs should, or will, wear them. For dogs who prefer to go au-naturel, we suggest trying Musher’s Secret Paw Wax.

Made from 100 pawcent all-natural waxes, Musher’s Secret will protect your dog’s paws from:

  • Salt and Chemicals
  • Ice build-up
  • Snowballing

Musher’s Secret is non-toxic, won’t stain, and its semi-permeable shield is absorbed into the paws, allowing perspiration to escape through the toes. Apply it to the bottoms of the feet and inbetween toes for safe protection from the roughest of surfaces.

Musher’s Secret also helps improve traction on slick surfaces to help prevent injury from falls on hardwood floors or during trips to the vet!

Since it can be used inside without staining furniture or floors, some Tripawd pawrents recommend using Musher’s Secret as an anti-slip coating instead of boots or foot spray.

We haven’t tried this ourselves so we can’t recommend it for that purpose, yet.

But we have used it on Spirit Jerry’s feet during extremely hot weather and it really helped to keep his paws from becoming too cracked in desert heat.

Musher’s Secret is not just for winter, either. In summertime, it can be used for scorching hot surfaces including:

  • Sand and sandburn
  • Hot pavement
  • Rough terrain

Musher’s Secret Paw Wax is a dense, barrier wax that forms a breathable bond with your dog’s paws. Developed in Canada for use with sledding dogs, it provides tenacious protection even in the most extreme conditions.

If you’ve tried Musher’s Secret or any other kind of paw wax on your Tripawd, tell us what you loved or didn’t love about it in the comments field below!

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6 thoughts on “Musher’s Secret Protects Snowy Paws”

  1. I used Musher’s Secret on Tripug Maggie for several months, and I recommend it in the forums when I have the chance. There was NO WAY she would wear anything, but she was having trouble slipping on the tile floors and Trex deck. I found regular use kept her pads supple which improved traction. Musher’s Secret, along with trimming the fur between her pads and toes solved her slipping problem.
    It can be a little greasy when first applied- so you need to rub it in really well.

    • Bev, have you tried trimming the fur between your dog’s toes? That will help. Keep in mind this product isn’t designed for 100 percent traction on slippery floors but some people have found that it does help with traction, in addition to protecting from snow. Your floors may just be too slippery. Adding throw rugs will be a huge help and a benefit to your Tripawd’s health over time. Good luck!

  2. Hi – the manufacturers say this shouldn’t be used for slippery floors as it will actually make paws more slippery. I noticed the only comment saying it worked “Musher’s Secret, along with trimming the fur between her pads and toes solved her slipping problem.” Perhaps simply trimming the fur resolved the slipping, not the mushers secret? Anyone else had success, as the majority of reviews I’ve read say it makes paws more slippery? Thanks

    • That’s interesting Maddy. Where do the manufacturers say this? If you have a link please share. I think you’re onto something, it could have been trimming the fur between the toes, but then if the product was on the paws then wouldn’t they still be slippery? Hmmm. Now I’m wondering. Thanks for sharing your experience, we would love to hear others’.


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