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Better Traction Indoors with Power Paws Dog Socks

A recent Ruff Wear harness customer informed us about another helpful product for improving traction on slippery floors for three legged dogs…

“A product I found helpful before Isabelle’s amputation, when she just had arthritis, but have been invaluable since bringing her home are Power Paws from Woodrow Wear. The socks provide just enough traction, especially on wood floors, & seem comfortable.”
— Cynthia, Chicago IL

Power Paws Dog Traction SocksPower Paws are a sensible, sock-based traction solution for dogs. They are made of cotton and elastic for superior comfort, fit and adaptability with durable grip pads for improved traction. For three legged dogs with a tendency to slip on slick floors, Power Paws provide comfortable, affordable traction indoors. They are also useful for dogs who have lost the confidence to walk on hardwood floors or other slippery surfaces.

Power Paws make movement easier, increasing quality of life.

Power Paws Dog Traction SocksSimilar to non-skid slipper socks for people, Power Paws protect both your dog and your hardwood floors. Eliminate scratches in fine flooring while protecting your dog from painful injuries caused by falling.

For outdoor use, Power Paws can be helpful for short term use in summer and winter conditions.  In winter snow and ice, Woodrow Wear suggests spraying Power Paws with a couple coats of waterproof spray.  Let them dry completely, then enjoy the outdoors with your dog!  For summer conditions, even the hottest pavement does not affect the grip, and the sock is thick enough to protect paws from heat. Power Paws dog socks are machine washable.

For permanent protection and ultra-durable traction outdoors, consider Ruff Wear Bark’n Boots for long-term use.

Power Paws Dog Traction Socks Features:

  • Power Paws Traction Socks for Dogs Help on Hardwood FloorsMobility: Freedom and movement for senior dogs and those with mobility issues.
  • Fashionable: Cute, fun and stylish.
  • Traction: Grips on slick surfaces, for hip issues, arthritis & when playing, climbing stairs & walking
  • Scratch Prevention: Keeps dog’s nails from scratching hardwood floors.
  • Breathable: Made of cotton and elastic for comfort and breathability, so dog paws will not sweat nor stink.
  • Specialty Uses: On boats, RVs, and in moving vehicles of all types to prevent falls and protect surfaces from scratches.

Power Paws Dog Traction Socks Size Chart

Power Paws are also quite fashionable with many styles and colors available. And with sizes raging from XXS to XXXL, there are Power Paws traction socks to fit any breed! For best results, download Woodrow Wear’s printable paw sizing guide and have your dog stand on it to determine proper sizing.

  • NOTE: Greyhound breeds and poodles have physically different feet. If your dog is a Greyhound breed or a poodle, please contact Woodrow Wear directly to find a size that may work.

Purchase Power Paws Traction Socks for Dogs Now!*
Visit Woodrow Wear website for more information.

Want another option? Consider PAWz natural rubber dog booties for improving traction at the vet’s office or pet store!

*Purchases from the Tripawds Gear Shop help support our continuing efforts to maintain the Tripawds Blogs community and discussion forums. Should you need to contact Woodrow Wear directly, please let them know Tripawds sent you!

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