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Everlasting Fun for Post-Surgery Recuperation

Tripawds can recover from amputation surgery faster if their physical activity is kept to a minimum those first few weeks. But what’s a pawrent to do if their pup is going bonkers from being on restricted activity? Our suggestion; keep their brains active without wearing out their healing bodies. The Everlasting Treat Ball will do just that!

everlasting treat ball

This interactive toy is a hollow, indestructible puzzle that you fill with your dog’s favorite treats. Once full, it rattles, bounces erratically and wobbles around, causing your dog’s hunting instinct to spring into action. As your dog bats it around, treats will fall out. And for longer, more challenging amusement, just cap the ends with Everlasting Treats, available in Chicken or gluten-free Veggie.

Everlasting Treat Balls are dishwasher safe and free of latex, vinyl, and phthalates. They come in three sizes:

  • Large (5″ diameter) for dogs over 40 pounds and strong chewers
  • Medium (3.75″ diameter) for dogs under 40 pounds
  • Small (2.5″ diameter) for dogs under 12 pounds

Here’s how the author of One Nation Under Dog describes the Everlasting Treat Ball while watching a dog named Banjo trying to solve the puzzle:

“With its tough as nails material and its slightly oblong shape, the ball looks like dozens of other goodies on the market . . . under the surface though, Everlasting Treat Ball is a different beast.

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Everlasting Treat Balls aren’t designed to be easy. Tough rubber spheres that can be stuffed with kibble, the balls secret the food behind opening that look like the mouths of man-eating tropical plants, circles blocked by rubber tongues. And before Banjo could even try to squeeze through to the food, he’d have to dispose ofthe rock-hard, edible disks that can slide securely into grooves top those opening. Enough licking and poking and pawing and the disks might move. But it would take a while.”

Whether you have a front or rear-leg amputee dog, we’re sure this durable, fun puzzle will be a favorite during and after amputation recuperation for years to come!

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2 thoughts on “Everlasting Fun for Post-Surgery Recuperation”

  1. This is the BEST toy I have ever come across for dogs. Big dogs or small they all love this. It is very durable, even for the most agressive chewers. It will keep your dog amused for hours. The nice thing about this for a dog recovering from surgery that cannot play actively is this does not roll away easily from your dog like treat balls tend to. It will stand up to a dog chewing on it for hours.
    When I run out of the edible inserts other treats can be placed into the center. I have even gotten away with putting their regular chow in it.
    They also make an equally amazing ball. It is called the Everlasting Fun Ball.


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