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Convert Walking Harness Great for Front Leg Amputee Dogs

Dog harnesses created specifically to meet the needs of Tripawd dogs don’t exist yet, but companies are getting closer as Tripawd Awareness grows. We’re thrilled to say that EzyDog’s new Convert Harness is the closest harness to meet the needs of front leg Tripawds, better than any other on the market.

Tripawd Nicky is a Convert Fan

As you can see, the EzyDog Convert Harness straps doesn’t require front legs to keep the harness steady. With one chest strap across the front and a second under-belly quick-release strap, the “anti-roll” design is unique to dog harnesses.

Nicky’s mom, Michaela Walker, recently wrote to tell us why the Convert Harness works so great on front leg Tripawds.

ConvertBurgundymini-1“Having tried other harnesses I ordered this one with some hope. When it arrived I was surprised how light weight it is yet strong.

I easily adjusted the chest piece which is Velcro and then slipped that over his head. A small adjustment to the waist band then clicked it into the solid click buckle.

It is so simple to use. I put on the lead and Nicky immediately got excited we were off for a walk. I was able to run him by my scooter and the harness stayed safe and secure. He was able to move freely and finally had no pressure on his neck from his collar.

I released him to run with his harness on and he could run freely without the harness slipping. This is the first time this has happened, being a front leg amputee he has no stump to anchor most harnesses to. There is a good handle on the harness to offer support if he should need it, at present it is not.

I am delighted with the Convert and would recommend it. The good thing also is that it does not rub him or leave bald areas so he can keep his good looks!”

Check Out EzyDog’s new Convert Harness

Please keep in mind that the Convert will not usually rotate around the body of a dog missing a front leg, the way many other harnesses do. But, because all dogs are different, we can’t guarantee that it won’t rotate. If you try it and are unhappy with the fit please contact us immediately.

7 Responses to “Convert Walking Harness Great for Front Leg Amputee Dogs”

  1. Hi there,
    Does this harness work for right, rear leg tripawds? I just rescued a JRT/Rat Terrier X, who had his right rear leg amputated. He weighs 10 lbs and I want a harness for walking. If not, can you recommend one. I live in the Northwest Territories (Yellowknife).
    Also, you have life jackets I noticed…as Lego is a rear leg tripawd, wouldn’t a normal life jacket suffice?

  2. Hi Shawn,
    Good for you for adopting Lego! Thank you for giving him a loving home. Yes, the Convert can absolutely work for rear leg Tripawds, as shown in our original Convert Tripawd harness review. That dog is our Wyatt, it works great on him, as does the K9 Float Coat by Ruff Wear. That’s our Wyatt there too!

    Some people with very small dogs have reported that the Convert is too stiff for their small frames. In that case, we recommend the Web Master. Let us know if you have any other questions, we’re happy to help!

  3. Hi Jerry,

    Thank you for the reply.

    I am considering ordering a ‘Web Master’ harness and I want to ship it to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada but, noticed on your website it says this…

    “No international orders – Ruff Wear does not ship orders outside the U.S”?

    Can I get one shipped to me in the north and can I pay using Visa without Pay Pal off of this website?

    Also, what is the deal with other fees (border crossing fees)? How would I arrange payment for that? Would they call me once it gets there and request payment via Visa?

    Lego has a 16-1/2″ – 17″ girth which, is showing as an XXS? Is this going to be the right size for him? I don’t want him peeing on it ‘;0(
    Also, I need to consider that I may put it on outside of his parka in winter. It gets really cold and we have a long winter (October to April). Basically, it needs to fit him with/without a parka.

    Sorry for all the questions but, I want to make sure this is the right size/fit for Lego.

    Thanks; appreciate your help

  4. Hi, we have one of the tripawd harnesses for our little JRT with a front leg missing but our trainer wants us to find a front clip. Do you currently make any front clip harnesses

  5. Thanks for asking Kristy! We don’t “make” any harnesses. You can find all our recommended support harnesses on the Shop page.

  6. Hi,

    I just adopted a 1 yr old female doberman with a severly deformed front leg. We are not going to amputate at this time as she is able to use it for certain things other than walking. Would this harness work for her? Thanks

  7. Thanks for asking Scott, most likely yes! Please read about which harness is best for your dog to help you decide. Here is another: which-harness-is-right-for-my-dog

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